Thursday, August 23, 2007

Our Lives Are Like Curtains, They Rise and They Fall

Back at Curtain Call which means life is good again. No matter how badly I'm treated or how hard a class is, I have my Curtain Call Family back to support me. Theatre really does heal and I've missed it so much. Rehearsals, shows, even just talking about it like we did tonight makes me feel so energized and glowy. I love theatre and I love Curtain Call.

Friday, August 17, 2007

I'm Free as a Bird With a Broken Wing

One more full week of nothing to do but laze the day away. At least, I hope to hang out with Brett sometime this coming week. *crosses fingers* Everyone else I know has to be in school by Monday, but not me. *preens and settles in with a cup of peach juic and a Wodehouse novel* Ahh, bliss.

Even better, Curtain Call starts up Tuesday. I have missed those crazy kids this summer. I could have used the magical healing power of theatre a few times this summer. It's been vaguely sucky lately. But all that will change when I get to see Craig, Mat, Ashley, Dana, Erin, Sara, Jennie,