Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dydd Santes Dwynwen Hapus

Happy Saint Dwynwen's Day to all you out their who have lovers. This is, much like Valentine's Day only with Welsh national pride, a day for celebrating being in love. Luckily it's not as commercialised and annoying as Valentine's Day (I'm assuming, not living in Wales where they might be being inundated with people running around being all Hallmarky.

So to all of you who read this blog and are in love, many blessings to ya! For those of you single souls like myself, dress up snazzy and go treat yourself to something nice. Have a love affair with yourself!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

And the Stars, in Their Multitude...

So, after a pretty damned awesome day (only the end of maths and the realisation from Drama Prod. made it less than fully awesome), I'm all ready to settle in, watch me some telly (Ugly Betty, Supernatural, Private Practice), and go to sleep.

What was so awesome about today?
1. Ballroom dance class! Had to be the guy, as there are never enough, but learned 'dance position', the cha-cha and some basic steps. Also got to dance with some lovely ladies.
2. I think I'm making friends in my theatre classes. Alicia, Nelsie, Owain (spelled the Welsh way!), Al. So maybe I'll soon feel less lonely.
3. On my way back from maths, one of the horse-drawn carriage drivers called out to me. She dropped her whip, which I fetched. She then rewarded me by driving me part of the way back home. A $60 privilege for free! Granted it was only about half a block, but that's not the point. I got to lean back, relax and stare at the hundreds of stars in the clear sky. Beautiful, majestic, made my problems seem as stupid and trivial as they are...

What sucked?
1. May not be able to graduate by December. Gorram it! I can't stay in school so much longer. No money for tuition, no job to get money for tutition, no desire to stay...
2. That I actually didn't find one guy to prove they aren't all the same. Still just Matt and Craig and Mat on that one...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Half-estastic, Half-dejected

So I think I've finally settled myself into St. Augustine. I made myself a cup of coffee and ate Frosted Flakes on the same couch I used to watch the Britcoms on Saturday nights while my parents and grandparents played poker.

Yeah, we have actual furniture now. The fam brought it yesterday. Way more than we'll need, but at least now it's staying in the family instead of going to the RAS at Gran's complex.

I keep getting these moments...missing my friends, my CC family, *laughs* missing Chipotle's (cannot find one!) and food other than what I can make.

Loving right now:
1. That the TRAVELING BELT HAS BEEN FOUND! Hear that, girls! I am so sorry, but it must have been me who lost the belt. *ducks head humbly* But it's back!
2. I have met someone. *grins* His name is John, he's a Theatre minor and he's funny and loud and weird and has a Triforce tattooed on his wrist. And gorgeous eyes, can't forget the eyes!
3. Have found a brilliant little used bookstore to frequent!

Hating right now:
1. Knowing I should go shower and head to the bookstore, but too lazy to do so.
2. It's too bloody cold!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

All You've Got to Do is Dream...

Just finished watching Dreamgirls (Oh my Collins, it was amazing!) with my roommate. We sat on beach chairs and ate burnt popcorn. Oh for my whole adult life to be as easy and fun as this.

One downside is that the song "Family" kept coming up and every time it did, I felt a pang for my Curtain Call family. Craig, Erin, Jennie, Mat, Sarah, Vickie, Dana. I know none of you read this blog (hell, since Mat didn't even know I'd moved, I'm assuming you don't read my facebook or myspace either), but I just want all of you, not just Craig, Erin, and Mat (who's numbers I have and could text) that I love and miss you.

You all will forever be a part of my family. Just like my girls (Mary, Alex, Aubrey, Evie) and my boys (my Harry, my drunken Irish fairy). Love and miss you all.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Settlin' Ain't the Same as Settlin' Down

So I've been in St. Augustine a week and a resident for six days. Had orientation today, so boring. Upside: Got halfway through my book in the boredom. Downside: Bored and now mentally exhausted without being physically in the same way, so sleep is out of the question.

Obviously I'll just have to read Jack/Ianto and Jared/Jensen fics for the rest of the night, then go kick some ass in Paper Mario. Oh dearie me, what hardship. *grins*

Also, unsure if should eat dinner now (as am starving) or wait to see if roommate plans to grab something to eat and tagging along.

Will fully describe new flat/roommate/classes/Flagler when have more energy in the brainpan.

Also, Mat called me yesterday to ask me about a monologue (still the go-to for theatre issues *glees*) and when we could hang out. Bit difficult, I said, as I now live in St. Augustine. He'd not known I was leaving. *shakes head fondly* Silly boy. Must look up the Mandarin for little brother, so I have something to call him.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

They're Not My Home, Not Anymore

Lease to be signed and notarized tomorrow! All my stuff moved in and put away! My roommate, S, does not return until tomorrow!

Truthfully this is my second night in the apartment, but I didn't have the internet last night. I did play a lot of Paper Mario though (too much excitement, I know!)

So, I've got a new town, new address, and a new chapter. I'd call it a new start, but that imples a finish with Tampa and, much as some people there can piss me off, Tampa was the closest to home I ever had. So until I find the place I want to settle (or settle into anyway because I get an awesome recurring role on say Supernatural or Torchwood (hope against hope)), this apartment in St. Augustine Florida is home.

Off to conquer the town. And by town, I mean Paper Mario. And by conquer I mean, figure out how to use the damn KOOPA!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Don't Forget to Remember Me

So, last post from Tampa as I make my way to St Augustine, Flagler and a new life!

My nerves are beyond frazzled out, I'm thisclose to a break-down and I'm scared I may not have packed some of my 'essentials'. *flails madly*

*takes deep breath* Better? *shakes head*

*another breath* I can do this. I am strong and I am not alone. My friends are a phone call away and I'm sure I'll make more friends at Flagler.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

It's a Brand New Day and the Sun is High

First post of the new year: 2009. Wow...where the hell is my gorram flying car? And the transporter? I was promised! *pouts*

So, packing is winding down and I'm trying to convince my mom to leave my room be until I come back in March (I promised Mr. Steve I would come back, so I shall) and can finish going through everything (read: my life)

What I am determined to accomplish this year (distinct from resolutions in that I actually plan to keep these):

1. Have a lover (because it's been too gorram long since I've gone on a date! or had sex!)
2. Finish my BA by the end of this year (because I've got a screentest with my name on it and if it kills me or worse, takes me to LA, I will work on shows I love, maybe even films I'm proud of)
3. Be in a show (whether at Flagler or in the area around, I will build up that resume and audition for everything I think I have time and energy for)
4. Get a job (because I'm going to have to learn to take care of myself and my own finances)
5. Up my self-defence skills (in the fervent hope I'll never have to use them)