Monday, October 19, 2009

Yes, Complain to Your MPs!

Okay, who do I go to to complain about it being cold (COLD, not cool) in Florida in October. That's supposed to wait until November, so I can clutch my Carmel Apple Cider (oh please, let someone make them!) to warm up my chilly fingers as I type my NaNo. I shouldn't even see the pink jacket until after near Thanksgiving. *crosses arms* This shit ain't kosher.

...I apologise for that last sentence. I'm not sure where it come from, but I blame certain parts in Dean Winchester, Mark Cohen, and Mal Reynolds. Yeah.

But only happy things, right, lieblings? Things are good here. I've got the read-through of Best Little Whorehouse in Texas tonight at 6 p.m. (which means I'll miss part of Gilmore Girls, but since I don't have class til 12:30 p.m. tomorrow, I'll be able to catch the repeat), so that'll be tons o' fun, I hope. Everyone seemed really nice and hey, last time I did a community theatre show, I met Kris and Jamie and Jorge and Justin. So batting a hundred as of right now. Maybe I'll even make a friend who can drive me home (as it will be dark...and probably still cold).

Monday, October 12, 2009

These Walls That They Put Up to Hold Us Back Will Fall Down

I have honestly never been prouder to be an American citizen than I am listening to the President of the country, my country, announce that we've got the Matthew Shepard Bill passed, he's going to end DADT and that he's going to help us 'end discrimination in all its forms'. I actually cried; I'll be honest. I am so so so so happy and proud that I voted for Obama, because it'll be because of him that one day I'll no longer feel like a second (and sometimes third) citizen.

I've included a link to the National Equality March blog and the one of Obama's speech at HRC.

This last link is for Taylor Swift's song 'Change' which made me think of this fight since I first heard it. It's just a fantastic song!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ballad of Serenity

Okay, everything is (vaguely) cooled down now. Even the weather (oh let Autumn be here soon!). My papers are done, it's the weekend, no major tests loom and I can finally just relax.

*deep, cleansing sigh* Ahhh, that's better. So I have to wait for the birth control pills my mom's sending me arrive (yeah, I've got a freaky period thingy...*still wants someone to actually explain it to her*) and then I must go buy eggs and possibly an apple (not for the same dish, mind).

My jaw still hurts as bad as it did this time last year, but I don't care anymore. The pain is a familiar one, so I know how it feels and it's not as bad. Which is nice. If it kills me I'm going to read at least three or four chapters in The Pickwick Papers today, maybe more to pick up all the reading I haven't had time to do this week.

And I've got an audition for The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas tomorrow. Singing "Why Haven't I Heard From You?" by Reba McEntire and feeling pretty good about it. *crosses fingers and accepts any and all wishes for good juju*

Monday, October 5, 2009

I am a Stage Manager...I Manage Stages, I Believe

So, Katherine called and asked me to be her stage manager, which I agreed to whole-heartedly. Apparently, most of it's going to involve me being a dialect coach and laughing with her at how she can bend the actors to her will. There's probably a lot more to it, it's likely a good deal of work and will cut into my time, but she is my best friend here in St. Augustine. So I'll deal. Besides, I got her into and addicting others to The Guild. I feel powerful!

It's been a while, so some updates.

1. I no longer think Latin is kicking my ass. I have to study and work at it, but I'm slowly starting to understand a bit more.
2. Finally got to the grocery store, so have much food and am happy!
3. I really should be working on my Metaphysics and Theatre History papers, due by Thursday and Friday respectively.
4. I'm actually getting active in Club Unity, but have met only gay boys and straight/taken girls.
5. My Financial Aid still hasn't come in, but when it does Orange Chicken will be had by all! (and by all, I mean me!)