Monday, October 5, 2009

I am a Stage Manager...I Manage Stages, I Believe

So, Katherine called and asked me to be her stage manager, which I agreed to whole-heartedly. Apparently, most of it's going to involve me being a dialect coach and laughing with her at how she can bend the actors to her will. There's probably a lot more to it, it's likely a good deal of work and will cut into my time, but she is my best friend here in St. Augustine. So I'll deal. Besides, I got her into and addicting others to The Guild. I feel powerful!

It's been a while, so some updates.

1. I no longer think Latin is kicking my ass. I have to study and work at it, but I'm slowly starting to understand a bit more.
2. Finally got to the grocery store, so have much food and am happy!
3. I really should be working on my Metaphysics and Theatre History papers, due by Thursday and Friday respectively.
4. I'm actually getting active in Club Unity, but have met only gay boys and straight/taken girls.
5. My Financial Aid still hasn't come in, but when it does Orange Chicken will be had by all! (and by all, I mean me!)

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