Saturday, August 29, 2009

You're Going to Be Bad for My Wallet

So I took a little walk down one of the side streets and what do I find? A rare map/print/book store and an antiques/kitschy place with a literal tonne of stuff I want right now!

In the print store, I reverently touched the aged papers (and found a stack of Charlie Brown comic books that are so destined to be mine) and pulled out maps to locate My Places (i.e. places I’ve been and loved, places I desperately want to go to, and places that mean a great deal to people who mean a great deal to me). I found an old postcard of Texas (I have discovered that, quite unintentionally, most of the men I adore are from Texas. Weird that) and the man let me have it for free. It was probably only a dollar, but still! Thanked him profusely and realised that anything can be had if you go heavy on the accent, pretend to be a tourist, and look poor.

Now the antiques shop…I actually offered to work for less than minimum wage in order to be allowed to work there. I kinda hope something comes of it! *fingers crossed and good juju flowing* If nothing else, give me $100 bucks and I can buy something for everyone on my Chrismas list…most of them several somethings…and still manage to pick something nice up for myself!

Random thing before I sign off: Aaron Carter is in this season of Dancing With the Stars…which unfortunately means I must watch it…it still hasn’t sunk in just yet. Aaron Carter…after all these years…damn…I've having the feelings again.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Kid in Me

So I had tater tots, chicken, and fruit cocktail for dinner. I drank T-Rex Kool-aid (old school mixing of cherry and grape) and I'm watching the Pagemaster.

I feel about seven years old and I love it! It's so nice to just relax and do nothing and feel like a kid again. College starts up next week, but for right now? I'm seven and I'm happy!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


So, I think I've finally recovered from the events of the weekend.

1. The show was KICKASS! We killed, we ruled, all others are half-dead mortals compared to us. Sure, we made mistakes (plenty of), but we played them off and no one was any the wiser. Everyone loved us!
2. My friends! Carly, Craig, Erin, Jennie, Mat, Sarah, Vickie and I are fantastic singers/dancers/actors/what have you apart, but together we are (a family! *couldn't resist*) incredible! We are going to take the world by storm, you see if we don't.
3. Matt: my Harry, my best guy friend, the overseer of most of my high school hijinks (which means we must be friends forever, because he has got lots of crazy blackmail-worthy material on me). We finally got to really catch up (spent two and a half hours talking) about each other's lives. I was reminded of why he is the Harry to my Sally and always will be.
4. Chipotle's and Taco Bell. You laugh, you scoff, but let he or she without sin live in a glass house.

One dim spot: TMJ 2: Revenge of the JAW!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Sometimes Bad Guys are the Only Good Guys You Get

Okay, so I ate fortune cookies for breakfast...claimed it was 'the age of the geek'...I tried to give someone a nosebleed with my mind...and imaged killing someone with an appetizer...

Not only have three of the Leverage people moved into my head (Eliot, Hardison, and Parker), but I am turning into an amalgamation of all of them...


And I love having them around! Hardison helps me with my computer (and understands and is honoured when I call him Boy Tosh), Eliot helps with my cooking (when I burnt myself, he was dragging me to the sink to clean and soothe the wound before I registered it hurt), and Parker...well, Parker makes me want to steal things. Well, makes me want to steal things more than I usually do. Well, makes my fingers twitch when a tourist with a big, open purse walks by and I'm literally running out of food to eat. If I ever do decide to steal (again), Parker will be the one making sure I don't get caught. And she's socially awkward, so I like letting her loose on Dean (Winchester) and Mark (Cohen). It's quite fun really. Also, we bond over our immense confusion about the desire of women to buy shoes...