Saturday, June 14, 2008

You Don't Wanna Miss This

So, yesterday was amazing! Went to the beach with my (soul)sisters: Mary and Rachel. I haven't been to the beach in so long, I forgot how much I love going. Didn't tan though, burnt and it hurts like a dominatrix.

While bouncing in the water, we had such great talks. Mostly about sex *shrugs* we're young, what else is there for us *grins*. Finally got the full story about Mary's first time. And Rachel's. Hell, we spent most of it detailing our sexytime escapades. FUN! Got ice cream, walked to the pier (which is made of fucking CONCRETE and was very HOT, worse than the white sand), lay out to tan (only Rachel managed it though), collected some sea shells, and just had the best time!

Bonus: Found a ride to Pride (oh that rhymed) this year: Jordan and Rachel. Maybe grab Mattie and Craig on the way, woot!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Single Frames of One Magic Night

So last was my last night at Curtain Call. I sobbed so much. I'm am going to miss that place like hell and I'll have to visit every so often to keep my sanity.

They loved the gifts I got them. Jennie put up her photograph, Vickie was happy for her guide to London (as Londoners know nothing about their own city), Mat said he'd listen to every song on his Latin dance music, Craig was happy to get a new movie and I told him he needed to learn who Cole Porter was, Erin grinned and knew it was The History Boys before she'd finished opening it, Sarah (and all of us) laughed when she held up her "Big Girls Use the Potty" book. And Natalie was so sweetly enthused about the acting book I got her. I told her I was leaving my legacy to her and she better take care of Curtain Call for me.

Throughout the show, we cried, sobbed, laughed, and threw everything into our performances. At the curtain calls, I got a standing ovation, not the show: ME! I had just calmed down and that set me off again. My friends (the sneaks) gave me a journal and a scrapbook of the ABCs of me, signed by all the kids. My favourite letters were K-kinky, J-Jeff Dunham, A-act (with pictures of House, Torchwood and Rent) and of course F-friends.

After we finished 'Family' and surprised Craig, we wandered offstage hugging and crying. I heard sobs and went to find Craig with Erin comforting him. I assisted, cuddling him and stroking his head. He told me the song was for me too: I know it was. Then Sarah got Erin and they left and I was alone with Craig. Then I did it. I kissed him, chastely and sweetly, trying to tell him everything I feel about him in that kiss. He responded and I held him once again before leaving him to himself (which broke my heart to do). The kiss held no fireworks or ringing bells, just love and comfort. He knows I love him, maybe one day I'll be able to tell him I'm in love with him.

After a brief stop at Beef's (where Craig and I were glomped the second we walked in by the Juniors) and a longer one for liquor, we went to Sarah's house. It's within walking distance of mine, never knew. We watched the video Mat and Vickie made for Craig, then Mat had to leave. We had sandwiches and snickered at Craig with his cheese balls. Sarah whacked her cast on the table, read aloud from "Big Girls Use the Potty", and Erin laughed so hard she couldn't breathe...twice! We retired to watch Sarah's first performance as a little 5/6 year old.

Then came the Air hockey tournament. I beat Vickie, but Craig beat me (damn distracting boy!). Apparently, when I play I get this intense look of concentration on my face. I was trying to calculate angles, but I'm crap at maths. I had a rematch with Craig (who remained undefeated despite being hit several times when Sarah sent the puck flying), but I was picked up before we could finish. I will have that rematch one day though!

I knew this would hurt, leaving and all. does, I won't deny it, but it also leaves this strange fuzzy feeling. Because I know I will be missed, that I'm loved. I haven't felt that very often (just with my Blake friends when I left, but on a smaller scale). And I will see them again after all, come hell or high water. I'm not losing contact with the friends of my life!