Friday, May 29, 2009

I Talk to God all the Time and He Never Mentioned You

So, after a lovely time spent at the thrift shop, Katherine called up and decided to come over.

Finally! I was going mad without any friends here in St. Augustine! She brought over two films: Lady Hawke, which we watched (and I adored! Baby Ferris, crazy 80s cinematography and birdies!) and Vampire Hunter D, which she left with me to watch on my own.

Also, she's going to lend me the copy of Watchmen that she still has from Owain: awesome!

So yeah, said and did crazy things. I made homemade mac'n'cheese, which we ate. We dorked about and chatted and listened to weird music and just had fun. I'd missed fun.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So, I've settled into a routine with my classes and my not-having-a-job. Hopefully, though, that gift place will hire me and I soon will have a job. (especially nice if I do want to take my vacation, possibly even go to Dragon*Con again-crash with Charlie=free stay...mostly free...likely have to pay with sexual favours...)

Things are nice, if occasionally boring. Plenty of time to play Harvest Moon and catch up on my reading...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

God Said" Noah, build me an ark." and Noah said, "I'm working on a speedboat at the moment"

So it's been raining for two days and it's pretty much time to scour the internet for specs on building an ark. The worst drainage system in the history if ever is in downtown St. Augustine, Florida if anyone wants to know.

I'm physically unable to go to my class. The waters are up to my thighs and I'm not a short girl. Since I have no canoe (or one of Craig's shoes), I'm pretty much land-locked despite the goody-two-shoes side of me desperate to get to class (a.k.a. Ianto, David, and Sam).

I think I'll make a hot drink, watch the film I'm supposed to be watching in class and later I'll sacrifice a few goats and do a stop-rain dance.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm Not Easily Distrac-Oh, Kitties!

So, I spent some time at a church rummage sale this morning (after being distracted by kitty cats up for adoption for far, far too long (one had such Jensen green eyes, I cooed)). My finds:

1. A baking sheet for (this is true): .25$ (25 cents for a perfect cookie sheet, must now bake something to deserve this great deal!)
2. The Tiny Toons movie, My Summer Vacation .50$ (on VHS, this is such a part of my childhood!)
3. Hanukkah and Christmas hand towels just like the ones Momma has .50$ (25 cents each and plenty of Chrismukkah spirit)
4. Wrapping paper .10$ (It's purple and shiny and has trees...)
5. Christmas Carol tin .25$ (I was in a holiday mood)
6. The Lion King book .50$ (because my copy is long gone and I want my kids to read it and love it too)
7. English Teas cookbook .50$ (full of little cakes and cookies and fingersandwiches)
8. Little black wallet to use when purse would be bulky .15$ (and it has a cute little black kitty on it too)
9. Butterfly rubber stamp that I'm going to paint red and use on my wardrobe .10$

Total spent: $2.85 (and a darn fun time had and to be had as well)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's the Mothership!

A toast and hearty thanks to all good mothers.

To the mother who bore me and the woman who raised me. To the one who raised and bore her and so on back through the lines.

So thank your mom today for giving you life, giving you a life, and all she's done. Whether she bore you or not, whether she raised you or not, whether love is the only bond that binds you two together, thank her.

Thanks Momma! Thanks Mama!

Friday, May 8, 2009

"Oh My Gay God!" "You Can Call Me Collins"

I finally got my ass over to Loose Screws (the good kind of weird), this shop down a few blocks from my apartment. Oh my Collins, it is an amazing place! They had a ton of films (new ones, old ones, GAY ones!) and awesome shirts, some they design, some that are secondhand. Magnets, buttons, bumper stickers, music by artists I've never even heard of. And the best part?

Everything seems to be under $10! It's phenomenal! I love this place. I rented four movies (gotta fill up my weekends somehow) and got a cool button and an awesome white tank top with Mae West and her famous quote about choosing the evil she hasn't tried. it's amazing and I've mentally dubbed it the Butch Tank, to be worn when I think I've got a shot with a femme girl (love me some fellow femme girls...)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ten Inch Hero Review

Okay, so I finally got my copy of Ten Inch Hero (and the shirt 'cause I'm a dork) and I absolutely adored it! I knew I'd like it because it has Jensen, but I adored it!

It was hilarious and brilliant and not expected. I mean, yeah, everyone gets a happy ending, but the ways they get there feel new, not stale.

Priestly's monologue as he buys tampons while wearing a kilt (oh yeah, kilt kink returns!) makes you actually want to cheer (as I did). Jensen's brilliant in it! Now I have to quote the movie here: *heavy sigh* Did that work for anybody else?

And you know what, I loved all the actors (especially Clea Duvall, love her!). There's not a one main character that rubbed me the wrong way. Kinda nice really.

Overall, an A for its charm and wit and actors.