Tuesday, May 19, 2009

God Said" Noah, build me an ark." and Noah said, "I'm working on a speedboat at the moment"

So it's been raining for two days and it's pretty much time to scour the internet for specs on building an ark. The worst drainage system in the history if ever is in downtown St. Augustine, Florida if anyone wants to know.

I'm physically unable to go to my class. The waters are up to my thighs and I'm not a short girl. Since I have no canoe (or one of Craig's shoes), I'm pretty much land-locked despite the goody-two-shoes side of me desperate to get to class (a.k.a. Ianto, David, and Sam).

I think I'll make a hot drink, watch the film I'm supposed to be watching in class and later I'll sacrifice a few goats and do a stop-rain dance.

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