Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm Not Easily Distrac-Oh, Kitties!

So, I spent some time at a church rummage sale this morning (after being distracted by kitty cats up for adoption for far, far too long (one had such Jensen green eyes, I cooed)). My finds:

1. A baking sheet for (this is true): .25$ (25 cents for a perfect cookie sheet, must now bake something to deserve this great deal!)
2. The Tiny Toons movie, My Summer Vacation .50$ (on VHS, this is such a part of my childhood!)
3. Hanukkah and Christmas hand towels just like the ones Momma has .50$ (25 cents each and plenty of Chrismukkah spirit)
4. Wrapping paper .10$ (It's purple and shiny and has trees...)
5. Christmas Carol tin .25$ (I was in a holiday mood)
6. The Lion King book .50$ (because my copy is long gone and I want my kids to read it and love it too)
7. English Teas cookbook .50$ (full of little cakes and cookies and fingersandwiches)
8. Little black wallet to use when purse would be bulky .15$ (and it has a cute little black kitty on it too)
9. Butterfly rubber stamp that I'm going to paint red and use on my wardrobe .10$

Total spent: $2.85 (and a darn fun time had and to be had as well)

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