Friday, May 8, 2009

"Oh My Gay God!" "You Can Call Me Collins"

I finally got my ass over to Loose Screws (the good kind of weird), this shop down a few blocks from my apartment. Oh my Collins, it is an amazing place! They had a ton of films (new ones, old ones, GAY ones!) and awesome shirts, some they design, some that are secondhand. Magnets, buttons, bumper stickers, music by artists I've never even heard of. And the best part?

Everything seems to be under $10! It's phenomenal! I love this place. I rented four movies (gotta fill up my weekends somehow) and got a cool button and an awesome white tank top with Mae West and her famous quote about choosing the evil she hasn't tried. it's amazing and I've mentally dubbed it the Butch Tank, to be worn when I think I've got a shot with a femme girl (love me some fellow femme girls...)

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