Monday, December 28, 2009

First A Deep Breath, Take it All in

So the big Opening Weekend/Holiday Rush/Traveling Time is now over and I can breathe.

*takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly*

That's better. I have nothing (that's right, not a gorram thing) to do today. I am going to read and make lunch and dinner (make, not toss in microwave because it's nearing eleven at night and I'm exhausted. I am going to clean up my bedroom, organise my CDs, find places for my new films. And you know what? If I don't get it done today, I'll finish up tomorrow or Wednesday. More free days! Thursday is the special New Year's Eve show, then the regular weekend ones, but for now I have nothing to do and I'm going to do nothing.

Friday, December 18, 2009

An Actor's Wish

Oh Thespis,

You seemed as good as anyone to direct this to, so here goes:

May I always work with good people who put their all into their part of the show.

May the lights not come up too soon nor too late. Same for sound cues, music cues, the sun, and my own cues.

May I have the ability to change my costume and my character in time to get on stage.

May this be the only way I ever need to earn a living for myself and whomever I need to provide for in my life.

May I and my co-stars give the kind of performance that propels people to their feet at the curtain call.

May I have the endurance to give everything I've got every time I walk on them boards or in front of that camera.

And lastly,

May I always always find my work fun. May it challenge me and wear me down, but let, at the end of the day, it also be the source of my greatest joys and thrills.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Things I Have Learned Today

1. That Mandarin Orange yogurt tastes remarkably like a creamsicle (must remember to put in freezer next time and try the whole experience again)

2. That making french fries in the oven takes a very very long time (and must one fork the fries? They seem to be...puffing up...maybe it's just that time of the month)

3. That, for once, instead of holding my constant level of love and respect for one Mr. Wil Wheaton, I am incensed to jealousy after reading his account of Seth MacFarlane's party. (*rubs hands together* One day soon, sir...)

4. That Wesley Crusher as Time Lord might just make its way into a story...

5. That my Priestly/Dean Forester fic (don't ask me how they got together, I'm just a glorified landlord and scribe for my People) is NOT a Gilmore Girls fic (despite Rory's presence)'s a Ten Inch Hero fic ...shut up...)

6. That I really should finish my NaNo story.

7. That I hope I don't cock up my quick changes tonight.

8. That I don't know how to pin up my braided hair. Not like I've ever done it before.

9. That I might as well just settle into the j2_x_over community on lj...I'll be there awhile...

Hold my calls

Friday, December 4, 2009

Two Weeks (and a Day) to 21!

I'm sure, were I a more interesting/social/typical college student I would be preparing to imbibe my first legal alcoholic drink. But, I am me and my first thought about celebrating 21 is that I want to take myself out to a nice lunch. My priorities, right?

Well, NaNo is over and done (and recovered from): 50,705. Not stunningly over, but respectable I believe. I am in no way done with Wilde at Heart though. I've still got the big battle, some previous plot points to wrap up, the wedding/reception for Gentry and Sally, and then the Parting of the Ways to go. But I can write them on my own time, which I will now have more of as...NO MORE CLASSES! I still have finals to go, but no more classes!

I'm going to enjoy today and tomorrow as I have no rehearsals either day and I've almost forgotten what a free Saturday feels like. Don't know what to do with myself: try to bus it to Arby's and Michaels? Head over to that craft fair I saw adverts for? Explore uptown when things are open? Stay in and catch up on my (mountains of) reading? Actually work on my Metaphysics paper?

Who knows?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Update and In Memorium

Wow, it's been two weeks since I last posted anything? Hmm, maybe life is duller than I thought amidst all the running around and school and tests (Latin Exam kills me) and rehearsals. Life's got its ups and downs right now.

1. NaNo is now officially over 32K! Wilde at Heart is going beautifully, only a couple set-up chapters left until we get into the meat, potatoes, and sensible salad of the plot.
2. I've also got a lot of positive feedback on my little J2 one-shots (and those meant to be one-shots); matter of fact, I've decided to expand one of them into a little series (maybe even connect it to the Songs of Domestic Life that I've been puttering with)
3. Next week is Thanksgiving, so I get pumpkin pie (Race and I are quite literally counting down the days. He has a calendar and a red marker, people).
4. Apparently, without my knowing about it (seriously, these two need to be better at the 'tell the Authoress your stories' part of living in my head) Dean Forester and Priestly (boyfriends, by the way...I of the 'Verse, I swear...) have become gaming buddies/buddy-buddies with Spot and Race. Once again, I know...I can't explain it either.

1. I've actually starting to worry about the big plot parts of Wilde at Heart. All I know is Cody gets hurt, Caleb's secret is revealed, They determine to kick ass. That's it. No real idea who or what the baddie actually is ( or are...depending).
2. It's ten days to the end of NaNo *shrieks and flails arms madly*

I was going to put this in downsides, but it's too important, they were too important to me to be just another item on a list. Ellen and Jo Harvelle, I will miss the both of you like crazy and I love you. You were the baddest bitches ever and I didn't know you nearly long enough. You look up Ianto Jones, first thing, and get yourselves some fantastic coffee. Then find Toshiko Sato and congratulate yourselves on being the three bravest women I've ever known. I will miss you, ladies, and so will we all.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Excellent, Excellent...*steeple fingers*

So...thus far, NaNo is not yet kicking my ass. Going with cautious optimism about this year, my lieblings. Cautious optimism indeed.

I'm loving my main novel, Wilde at Heart. Really loving it. Like I want to marry it and raise baby novellas with it. *grins*

Okay, so update time, I suppose.
1. Rehearsals are in full swing for Best Little Whorehouse and (if you don't count the walk there and back in the dark), I'm loving it! it's fun and the people are great! Finally *lets out sigh* finally I get to do some acting. If I went too long without doing something theatrical I think I would implode or something.
2. Off costume for Jimmy Dean, but have Fat Pig too look forward to in a couple weeks. Bleck, but a necessary bleck. I only need like seven or six hours anyway.
3. I am going to finish Pickwick Papers if it kills me! It's due back on Monday (I've already renewed it once) and I'm going to be done by then!
4. Thinking of going out in search of Carmel Apple Cider tomorrow after rehearsal. Mmmm, Carmel Apple Cider, I loooooove yoooooooooouuuu!
5. Stocked up on plenty of food and so can make many nummy things. *ish happy*
6. The holidays are coming around and that means PUMPKIN PIE! Race and I are currently counting down the freakin' minutes!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

NaNo Kick-Off!

Up to an auspicious start. Just over an hour into NaNo and already updated my word count to 2272 words. Of course I have now jinxed this and am a fool.

But as of right now, it feels pretty awesome! However, as I will unlikely to make the majority of the Write-ins, I am sad. But then I look at my word count and am happy again.

Off to sleep, so I can write more during the two and a half hour long play that I will be 'working' tomorrow. Prepare to see naught but the top of my head bent over a laptop for many many days.

See you in December (if I survive!)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Yes, Complain to Your MPs!

Okay, who do I go to to complain about it being cold (COLD, not cool) in Florida in October. That's supposed to wait until November, so I can clutch my Carmel Apple Cider (oh please, let someone make them!) to warm up my chilly fingers as I type my NaNo. I shouldn't even see the pink jacket until after near Thanksgiving. *crosses arms* This shit ain't kosher.

...I apologise for that last sentence. I'm not sure where it come from, but I blame certain parts in Dean Winchester, Mark Cohen, and Mal Reynolds. Yeah.

But only happy things, right, lieblings? Things are good here. I've got the read-through of Best Little Whorehouse in Texas tonight at 6 p.m. (which means I'll miss part of Gilmore Girls, but since I don't have class til 12:30 p.m. tomorrow, I'll be able to catch the repeat), so that'll be tons o' fun, I hope. Everyone seemed really nice and hey, last time I did a community theatre show, I met Kris and Jamie and Jorge and Justin. So batting a hundred as of right now. Maybe I'll even make a friend who can drive me home (as it will be dark...and probably still cold).

Monday, October 12, 2009

These Walls That They Put Up to Hold Us Back Will Fall Down

I have honestly never been prouder to be an American citizen than I am listening to the President of the country, my country, announce that we've got the Matthew Shepard Bill passed, he's going to end DADT and that he's going to help us 'end discrimination in all its forms'. I actually cried; I'll be honest. I am so so so so happy and proud that I voted for Obama, because it'll be because of him that one day I'll no longer feel like a second (and sometimes third) citizen.

I've included a link to the National Equality March blog and the one of Obama's speech at HRC.

This last link is for Taylor Swift's song 'Change' which made me think of this fight since I first heard it. It's just a fantastic song!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ballad of Serenity

Okay, everything is (vaguely) cooled down now. Even the weather (oh let Autumn be here soon!). My papers are done, it's the weekend, no major tests loom and I can finally just relax.

*deep, cleansing sigh* Ahhh, that's better. So I have to wait for the birth control pills my mom's sending me arrive (yeah, I've got a freaky period thingy...*still wants someone to actually explain it to her*) and then I must go buy eggs and possibly an apple (not for the same dish, mind).

My jaw still hurts as bad as it did this time last year, but I don't care anymore. The pain is a familiar one, so I know how it feels and it's not as bad. Which is nice. If it kills me I'm going to read at least three or four chapters in The Pickwick Papers today, maybe more to pick up all the reading I haven't had time to do this week.

And I've got an audition for The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas tomorrow. Singing "Why Haven't I Heard From You?" by Reba McEntire and feeling pretty good about it. *crosses fingers and accepts any and all wishes for good juju*

Monday, October 5, 2009

I am a Stage Manager...I Manage Stages, I Believe

So, Katherine called and asked me to be her stage manager, which I agreed to whole-heartedly. Apparently, most of it's going to involve me being a dialect coach and laughing with her at how she can bend the actors to her will. There's probably a lot more to it, it's likely a good deal of work and will cut into my time, but she is my best friend here in St. Augustine. So I'll deal. Besides, I got her into and addicting others to The Guild. I feel powerful!

It's been a while, so some updates.

1. I no longer think Latin is kicking my ass. I have to study and work at it, but I'm slowly starting to understand a bit more.
2. Finally got to the grocery store, so have much food and am happy!
3. I really should be working on my Metaphysics and Theatre History papers, due by Thursday and Friday respectively.
4. I'm actually getting active in Club Unity, but have met only gay boys and straight/taken girls.
5. My Financial Aid still hasn't come in, but when it does Orange Chicken will be had by all! (and by all, I mean me!)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's Against the Law to be Vaguely Gay?

It probably shouldn't amuse me as much as it does, but in my computer class I'm typing something about intellectual property and it keeps making me think of Sports Night. I so want to do the whole bit and start laughing.

Which, making me think of other things that make me laugh (damn Supernatural gag reel!).

I think I'm in the Giggle Loop and I'm trying not to start laughing hysterically! And it's not a stack!

See, I was feeling sad before class and now I'm in the Giggle Loop and feeling much better. May even watch the Supernatural gag reels when I get home and laugh hysterically anyway!

Must remember:
1. Radio meeting at 4!
2. E-mail Tom a birthday message!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Open Letter to James Marsters

Dear James,

You, sir, are an awesome man. Full stop. If ever anyone tries to tell you that you are not awesome, do not listen to them and continue on your awesome way. Your CD, Like A Waterfall, is fucking amazing and I will be pimping it out to everyone I know. You have a song with a line about Naoko needing to learn her lines. You make me smile (in bed...I have no idea where that came from, but it's true).

Also, at cons, you are the very nicest of any celebrity out there. You go the extra mile and we fans appreciate it like you wouldn't believe. You make our days, our weeks, our years, and some of our lives just by being there and being so caring. You rock our socks and Birkenstocks, you fantastic man.

Love and best wishes,

Another Open Letter to Eric Kripke

Dear God AKA Eric Kripke sir,

Thank you for the nod to wincest in the opening episode. We appreciate it. Now if you could work in some actual kissing between Jared and Jensen we would explode with happiness and be your slaves forever. Whatever you want, sir, seriously. Becky was awesome, but I must ask: how is Dean a let-down for her? The man looks like a god.

However, as I once asked you to stop fucking with Dean's emotions (*sarcasm* good job there, by the way), I must now ask you to please put the boys back together again. I know it will take time, but they HAVE to make up and be a real team again. Please! I'll even provide any duct tape, bandages, and/or dental floss or paperclips to facilitate the putting them back together.

One last time: Bobby FTW. Taking back possession of himself to save Dean and yelling at hospital staff. Bobby is awesome. Full stop.

Thank you,

Monday, September 7, 2009

It's Like An Orgasm Over a Weekend

I had such an utterly fantastic time at Dragon*Con this year! Gareth remembered me (and hugged me a lot!), James was as darling as ever, Felicia was so completely beautiful and sweet (and tiny!), and Tom. Well…I don’t quite have the words for Tom, except that I love him.
I got celebrity drops (Gareth, Felicia and Barry Boswick). I got autographs. I got pictures (hope to upload soon). I got pictures taken of me (as River Tam) and cosplayed as Donna Noble.
The panels were fantastic, the guests were dolls, and I found my friends from last year (Chris, Lisa, Nancy, Andy). And the Shindig? Was Mighty Fine.
All in all, a wonderful weekend, but now I must away to catch up on two days of missed classes (yipes!)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

You're Going to Be Bad for My Wallet

So I took a little walk down one of the side streets and what do I find? A rare map/print/book store and an antiques/kitschy place with a literal tonne of stuff I want right now!

In the print store, I reverently touched the aged papers (and found a stack of Charlie Brown comic books that are so destined to be mine) and pulled out maps to locate My Places (i.e. places I’ve been and loved, places I desperately want to go to, and places that mean a great deal to people who mean a great deal to me). I found an old postcard of Texas (I have discovered that, quite unintentionally, most of the men I adore are from Texas. Weird that) and the man let me have it for free. It was probably only a dollar, but still! Thanked him profusely and realised that anything can be had if you go heavy on the accent, pretend to be a tourist, and look poor.

Now the antiques shop…I actually offered to work for less than minimum wage in order to be allowed to work there. I kinda hope something comes of it! *fingers crossed and good juju flowing* If nothing else, give me $100 bucks and I can buy something for everyone on my Chrismas list…most of them several somethings…and still manage to pick something nice up for myself!

Random thing before I sign off: Aaron Carter is in this season of Dancing With the Stars…which unfortunately means I must watch it…it still hasn’t sunk in just yet. Aaron Carter…after all these years…damn…I've having the feelings again.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Kid in Me

So I had tater tots, chicken, and fruit cocktail for dinner. I drank T-Rex Kool-aid (old school mixing of cherry and grape) and I'm watching the Pagemaster.

I feel about seven years old and I love it! It's so nice to just relax and do nothing and feel like a kid again. College starts up next week, but for right now? I'm seven and I'm happy!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


So, I think I've finally recovered from the events of the weekend.

1. The show was KICKASS! We killed, we ruled, all others are half-dead mortals compared to us. Sure, we made mistakes (plenty of), but we played them off and no one was any the wiser. Everyone loved us!
2. My friends! Carly, Craig, Erin, Jennie, Mat, Sarah, Vickie and I are fantastic singers/dancers/actors/what have you apart, but together we are (a family! *couldn't resist*) incredible! We are going to take the world by storm, you see if we don't.
3. Matt: my Harry, my best guy friend, the overseer of most of my high school hijinks (which means we must be friends forever, because he has got lots of crazy blackmail-worthy material on me). We finally got to really catch up (spent two and a half hours talking) about each other's lives. I was reminded of why he is the Harry to my Sally and always will be.
4. Chipotle's and Taco Bell. You laugh, you scoff, but let he or she without sin live in a glass house.

One dim spot: TMJ 2: Revenge of the JAW!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Sometimes Bad Guys are the Only Good Guys You Get

Okay, so I ate fortune cookies for breakfast...claimed it was 'the age of the geek'...I tried to give someone a nosebleed with my mind...and imaged killing someone with an appetizer...

Not only have three of the Leverage people moved into my head (Eliot, Hardison, and Parker), but I am turning into an amalgamation of all of them...


And I love having them around! Hardison helps me with my computer (and understands and is honoured when I call him Boy Tosh), Eliot helps with my cooking (when I burnt myself, he was dragging me to the sink to clean and soothe the wound before I registered it hurt), and Parker...well, Parker makes me want to steal things. Well, makes me want to steal things more than I usually do. Well, makes my fingers twitch when a tourist with a big, open purse walks by and I'm literally running out of food to eat. If I ever do decide to steal (again), Parker will be the one making sure I don't get caught. And she's socially awkward, so I like letting her loose on Dean (Winchester) and Mark (Cohen). It's quite fun really. Also, we bond over our immense confusion about the desire of women to buy shoes...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

No One in Your Life is With You Constantly

Ianto Jones. I honestly don’t know what to do without you. I’m all at sea. Who’s going to tell me that I should have brought an umbrella when it’s pouring rain and I’m soaked. Who’s going to measure exactly how much milk and sugar I need to get my coffee perfect no matter how long I brewed it? Who’s going to put the shattered pieces of Jack’s heart and soul back together? Jack loves you. He may never have said the words but it’s so true. He’s going to remember you, in a trillion years time, believe me. Who’s going to be the silent strength when Gwen breaks? You and she clung to each other after the loss of Tosh and Owen. Who’s going to provide coffee to my now chemical-dependently people? Who’s going to make sure I have everything before leave the house?

Don’t leave me… us. It’s too soon, forever’s too soon. Stay with us, stay with me please please please. I can’t lose you, you’re my best friend, my conscience, my fucking favourite person breathing. Please Ianto, come back, please. I will miss you too much. This hurts too much.

I love you, Ianto. I always will. You tell Tosh and Owen that we miss them and love them for me, yeah?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Stand on the Precipice

I started this in my head, as an email I would send to a friend, then maybe to maybe friends. But I decided to put it here instead. Don't know why, really.

I went to the bay today (that was an unfortunate rhyme) and I sat there, with a book I was fascinated by and just...breathed in the tang of the salt air. I've never been much for the ocean, I don't swim well and beach visits weren't habitual when I was growing up. But for some reason today...I just couldn't be anywhere other than sitting on the wall of the fort, facing the bay reading a book I enjoyed, watching minute crabs shuttle around in their sideways fashion.

I bought a chair. The first real piece of furniture that is truly and completely mine. I bought it and it was delivered today and is now set up in its rightful place, but for some reason today wasn't the day to try it out. That will be tomorrow. As I eat breakfast and sip my coffee, I'll settle with a book (probably the same one, I may not finish it today; otherwise some Douglas Adams) into that chair and feel like an adult for the first time.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

We Provide...Leverage

I love Leverage! I finally finished watching the first season and am now enjoying the season premiere. Oh, I adore so much about this show: the characters (Parker! Eliot! Hardison!), the snark: ("What are the chances that Eliot's crotch will explode?"), the briliant schemes and scams.

It makes me want to be a thief...again.

And can I just say that Chris Kane is...he very much deserves his spot in the Brotherhood of Hot (with Jensen, Jared, Steve, and newcomer Aldis). I have NEVER been more turned on watching a man beat the crap out of someone and The Sixth Juror episode when his accent come out with a vengeance...phwoar! Yeah...*stares off dreamily*

Tomorrow for my Week in Geek, I get to talk about Tom and Harry Potter and then next week, discuss Torchwood. I love getting to tell people about my bao beis!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Friendship is Thicker Than Blood

So, I braved two five hours bus rides and getting up crazy early this morning (I hate when there are two 6 o'clocks in the same day) and you know what?

Rent was so totally worth it! The show was amazing and the cast! Anthony and Adam were brilliant, I knew they would be, but Anthony was even more spastically adorable than usual and Adam was...ZOMC, only feet away from me and awesome and yeah...*still swoony*
And the Maureen was the craziest chick ever and I love her (got her autograph!). And Angel? Baby, Angel was fierce and fabulous and is the origin of our group's new "Drumstick cross against EVIL". Anthony signed my program (I could start up a shop with all my autographs from that fantastic man), but *sadface* Adam did not stage door. So, instead of having him sign my shirt, I just told the stage manager to give it to him. Really, the point of it was I wanted Adam to see that his lyrics and his work really mean something to me because I know when people love my work and they tell me, I get all happy and I want Adam to be happy too.

One thing niggled. I'm sitting there, watching the show that brought the UFF together and yet, we're all broken apart. Alex is with Nina in one camp, with Aubrey and Evie in another and I've got a tenuous grasp on all of them, hoping somehow we might be about to fix what was...well, rent. I've never felt more like Mark.

Why am I the witness? Does it mean that it's the end and I'm alone? I'm here. Nowhere.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

When the Universe Hands You A Giant Sign... take it and go on with your life. Cute Priest...Brian is leaving. Going to another church, somewhere in Virginia I think. Good for him, sad for me because who will feed me for free every few weeks? (yeah, 'cause that's why I'm upset)

Anyway, promised only cheery, didn't I my lieblings?

In a strange turn of events, I found a CD I thought I'd lent out never to see again in freshman year. On it (Now 5...yeah, remember when they had Now CDs...remember when they weren't double digits) is the best of all the boy bands and singers I loved, including some I'd forgotten, some I remember, and one I remember the dance to ("It's Gonna Be Me"...What? I was young and foolish...and they were marionettes in the video!).

This stemmed from Al playing Will Smith (*hearts* this morning, so I actually looked at the Hip Hop section in the radio station. Found Shaggy ("Angel") and the late, great Aaliyah ("Try Again"), who was the first celebrity whose death made me cry (other notables: John Ritter, Jerry Orbach, Heath Ledger, and River Phoenix...if ten years later and most recently, Natasha Richardson).

Then I found the CD and ripped the songs and am now jamming out to SoulDecision, Britney Spears (back when she was awesome), BSB, 'NSync,, Mandy Moore (who's even more awesome now!), BBMak and my favourite song when I was younger "Absolutely (Story of a Girl)"

Look for a post about how much I ADORE Leverage once I've seen a few more episodes!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Writers Turn Caffeine Into Words

So, I'm taking time to relax after my stay in Tampa and boy, do I need it. I'm starting to work on a schedule to keep to, so I don't get all lazy these two months until school begins again (hoping still to get a job, though!) and I am going to exercise in some way every single day, 'cause I'm looking good and I want to keep this up!

Collins is fixed (my dearest darling, beautiful laptop of Awesome, in case you're unaware who I'm talking about) and running like life in "Row, Row, Row, Your Boat" (i.e. like a dream). Brilliant. This means several things, my lieblings:

1. My responses to e-mails will be longer and have a quicker turn-over.
2. I'll be able to actually get and listen to new music, watch shows I've been meaning to catch, and maybe finish Devour just so I can have a good laugh at Jensen Ackles' expense (which I've been doing ever since Kris first showed me "Eye of the Tiger" and got me into Supernatural).
3. I will write every single fucking day, you have my word! On the 5th starts up, wewriteinhell time, and I'm working on a prequel to my planned NaNo this year: Wilde at Heart. And I just got a couple songfic ideas today (J2 both of them)
4. I'll be able to feed, play games with, and mess about more with my neopets (well, it makes me happy)
5. Maybe more Twitter and/or Facebook updates.

Monday, June 22, 2009

It Makes Her Feel Close

Saw X-men Origins: Wolverine and Star Trek today. Liked both, one had a hobbit and Berg, the other Scotty and a red shirt.

Had a fantastic time over at Kris' yesterday! Watched Ten Inch Hero (someone to share the glory of it with!), and talked for three hours. Well, it's been months, we had catching up to do!

Tomorrow=hanging out with Alex! Maybe Wednesday with Matt, Friday with Erin and Saturday with Craig! Miss me friends ever so much!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Like a Breeze Off the River

So, there was a little craft fair at the square with the gazebo. Such cute things, I had to run to the college and grab some money. I got two cute necklaces (a leaf that looks like a wing necklace and a mini-bird necklace) and a gorgeous amethyst ring. May even trade it out for the one I always month...

Bought a cherry Italian ice and headed down to the fort (unlike the 'Ghost Adventurers' I felt no spiritual presences and the only 'growls' I hear was the water from the bay gurgling. Just sat there, watched people go by, watched the boats, watched fish jump from the water...beautiful.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

If There's A Prize for Rotten Judgment

Cute Priest is getting to me. Brian. This is the second time we've had dinner (just us, dressed nice, he paid and picked me up/dropped me off) and...well...except for no kiss at the end, it felt like a date. I even tried to joke about it and...I can't interpret his response properly.

I'm a fool and a moron. I'll come out of this feeling like a prize idiot, I know I will. But I really do like him. Even if there's no hope (he's a Episcopal priest, I'm an Larsonist who really just believes in her Captains and the Doctor) for a future...I kinda wish there was.

And about Craig (he doesn't know about the blog, so I can use his name)? I'm still completely in love with him.I'd give anything for him to have feelings for me too.

Happier things: actually made friends with some girls from my speech class. They invited me to lunch and we all just chatted for an hour and a half. It was great!

Friday, May 29, 2009

I Talk to God all the Time and He Never Mentioned You

So, after a lovely time spent at the thrift shop, Katherine called up and decided to come over.

Finally! I was going mad without any friends here in St. Augustine! She brought over two films: Lady Hawke, which we watched (and I adored! Baby Ferris, crazy 80s cinematography and birdies!) and Vampire Hunter D, which she left with me to watch on my own.

Also, she's going to lend me the copy of Watchmen that she still has from Owain: awesome!

So yeah, said and did crazy things. I made homemade mac'n'cheese, which we ate. We dorked about and chatted and listened to weird music and just had fun. I'd missed fun.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So, I've settled into a routine with my classes and my not-having-a-job. Hopefully, though, that gift place will hire me and I soon will have a job. (especially nice if I do want to take my vacation, possibly even go to Dragon*Con again-crash with Charlie=free stay...mostly free...likely have to pay with sexual favours...)

Things are nice, if occasionally boring. Plenty of time to play Harvest Moon and catch up on my reading...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

God Said" Noah, build me an ark." and Noah said, "I'm working on a speedboat at the moment"

So it's been raining for two days and it's pretty much time to scour the internet for specs on building an ark. The worst drainage system in the history if ever is in downtown St. Augustine, Florida if anyone wants to know.

I'm physically unable to go to my class. The waters are up to my thighs and I'm not a short girl. Since I have no canoe (or one of Craig's shoes), I'm pretty much land-locked despite the goody-two-shoes side of me desperate to get to class (a.k.a. Ianto, David, and Sam).

I think I'll make a hot drink, watch the film I'm supposed to be watching in class and later I'll sacrifice a few goats and do a stop-rain dance.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm Not Easily Distrac-Oh, Kitties!

So, I spent some time at a church rummage sale this morning (after being distracted by kitty cats up for adoption for far, far too long (one had such Jensen green eyes, I cooed)). My finds:

1. A baking sheet for (this is true): .25$ (25 cents for a perfect cookie sheet, must now bake something to deserve this great deal!)
2. The Tiny Toons movie, My Summer Vacation .50$ (on VHS, this is such a part of my childhood!)
3. Hanukkah and Christmas hand towels just like the ones Momma has .50$ (25 cents each and plenty of Chrismukkah spirit)
4. Wrapping paper .10$ (It's purple and shiny and has trees...)
5. Christmas Carol tin .25$ (I was in a holiday mood)
6. The Lion King book .50$ (because my copy is long gone and I want my kids to read it and love it too)
7. English Teas cookbook .50$ (full of little cakes and cookies and fingersandwiches)
8. Little black wallet to use when purse would be bulky .15$ (and it has a cute little black kitty on it too)
9. Butterfly rubber stamp that I'm going to paint red and use on my wardrobe .10$

Total spent: $2.85 (and a darn fun time had and to be had as well)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's the Mothership!

A toast and hearty thanks to all good mothers.

To the mother who bore me and the woman who raised me. To the one who raised and bore her and so on back through the lines.

So thank your mom today for giving you life, giving you a life, and all she's done. Whether she bore you or not, whether she raised you or not, whether love is the only bond that binds you two together, thank her.

Thanks Momma! Thanks Mama!

Friday, May 8, 2009

"Oh My Gay God!" "You Can Call Me Collins"

I finally got my ass over to Loose Screws (the good kind of weird), this shop down a few blocks from my apartment. Oh my Collins, it is an amazing place! They had a ton of films (new ones, old ones, GAY ones!) and awesome shirts, some they design, some that are secondhand. Magnets, buttons, bumper stickers, music by artists I've never even heard of. And the best part?

Everything seems to be under $10! It's phenomenal! I love this place. I rented four movies (gotta fill up my weekends somehow) and got a cool button and an awesome white tank top with Mae West and her famous quote about choosing the evil she hasn't tried. it's amazing and I've mentally dubbed it the Butch Tank, to be worn when I think I've got a shot with a femme girl (love me some fellow femme girls...)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ten Inch Hero Review

Okay, so I finally got my copy of Ten Inch Hero (and the shirt 'cause I'm a dork) and I absolutely adored it! I knew I'd like it because it has Jensen, but I adored it!

It was hilarious and brilliant and not expected. I mean, yeah, everyone gets a happy ending, but the ways they get there feel new, not stale.

Priestly's monologue as he buys tampons while wearing a kilt (oh yeah, kilt kink returns!) makes you actually want to cheer (as I did). Jensen's brilliant in it! Now I have to quote the movie here: *heavy sigh* Did that work for anybody else?

And you know what, I loved all the actors (especially Clea Duvall, love her!). There's not a one main character that rubbed me the wrong way. Kinda nice really.

Overall, an A for its charm and wit and actors.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Seredipicidy, Seredipraciousness

So I just spent my first night as a waitress. Holy crap, I think it should be a requirement for everyone to serve as a waiter/waitress for at least a night. Just to find out exactly how crazy a job it truly is.

That being said, it was tons of fun. Yeah, my feet are mutinying and I made mistakes (but dropped nothing and spilled on no one. triple word SCORE!), but it Actually fun. When it wasn't stressful or slow. Great people, amazing place (will have to try the food...)

How it came about: went into Kosmic Bluz Pizza because it has a rainbow sticker and is GLBT owned/operated, ordered a Pepsi. While chatting to waitress told her I was job-hunting, she mentioned there might be some temp work there and to come back at 4. Which I did. Then I didn't leave until 1 am.

Also, have strange, but hilarious twitter conversation with someone nothing like I thought he would be, in the best way. He's cooler (actually, he's dorkier, but it's the same thing for me) than I expected. And crazier too. And it was totally random that we were on at the same time, being on different coasts. Kinda awesome really.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ninja-Dating Has Nothing to do With Actual Ninjas...Sadly

I think I've just been on a date. With Cute Priest. I'm not sure how to classify it, so let's go down the list of rules for a date.

1. He paid. Check
2. It was just the two of us. Check
3. We talked about deep issues and silly issues all at once. Check
4. He kept looking at me. Check
5. We laughed and were very comfortable with each other. Check
6. Held hands. Check (granted during a blessing, but neh)
7. Dressed up nice. Check (I wore my strawberry boatneck, he his priest collar)
8. We both classified it a date. Oh buggerwank

Yeah, the others may have been there, but that last one is probably the most important and is the only one without a check. Is it bad that I really wanted it to be a date? If it had been, it would have been one of the nicest ever. (not the nicest as that was February 13th in my sophmore year with Aubrey. I got Adam's Civilian CD (she bought it for me, awww) and Aida. Then I whooped her at air hockey. And we had our first kiss. Best date ever in my book)

Save the Earth: it's the Only Planet with Chocolate

Take good care of the Earth...

Otherwise we'll all have to relocate to Barcelona. Not the city Barcelona, the planet Barcelona. They've got dogs with no noses...

Hold up, that actually sounds kinda awesome. Let's abandon Earth and head to Barcelona! What? They have no chocolate? Fuck that shit, I'm staying on Earth!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just a Quickie

So, updates sound good, right?


1. Finished Directing Show: went great!
2. Finished Sleeping Beauty: went well.
3. Finished Puss in Boots: went good.
4. As of tomorrow will have finished a semester at Flagler (and then finals next week): went brilliantly!
5. Haven't finished children's theatre journals: gotta get on that.
6. TMJ is kicking up again: buggerwank.
7. Radio work starts up on the 30th: will be awesome! (must remember to throw in Sports Night quotes whenever possible)
8. Am a crappy friend, so will spend this afternoon e-mailing and messaging all my friend, asking for updates.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Whatever You Want, Just Keep Giving Me Chocolate Eggs

So, Easter wasn't as lonely as I thought it would be. Brian grabbed me after church and asked if I had any place to go. I really did plan on lying, but I didn't, I told him that I had no plans. So he invited me to his place where he'd invited some other people about my age.

And it was a thousand times more fun than I ever thought. Turns out, Brian (known as Cute Priest) is a devious little prankster. I met several new people, including Laurie, whom I think I bonded with the most. Actually hugged her as we all parted ways. We played Marshmallow War with guns made from PVC pipe. Is it really strange that Brian kept aiming for me and shooting at me?

My new dress (as gifted from Laci, to whom i pretty much owe my soul) was a hit. looked great, even if running around playing shooting marshmallows out of piping was a bit difficult. No full agility (my excuse for why I was hit so often), but I did pull off a couple smooth moves.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"What do those clouds look like?" "Candyfloss"

It’s not even noon and today has been one of the best days I’ve had up here. So it started out kinda blah, as we realised we had only a week to prepare our storytelling things. We’d all been so focused on Sleeping Beauty, we all but forgot about storytelling.

So after some bleckness and some costume-sorting, we were released to go to the library to find more Puss in Boots stories to adapt and make our show longer. Best laid plans…we never got there.

It’s Destress Day or something like that. There was a bouncy obstacle course, bouncy slides, bouncy bungee run, and a bouncy pedestal fight! I’d never been on any such thing before (terribly proper child), and were convinced they were death traps. But Al, dear Al, goaded me into each and every one and I loved it! Especially the obstacle course (even if I did bang the hell out f my knee and scrap up my elbow. Such fun! Also, the best part: free candyfloss! That’s right, free candyfloss (cotton candy for you Yanks)! I had three (cause there wasn’t much on any of them), so good and so happy. I loved it!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Come Ye Lords, Come Ye Ladies

So I have final dress rehearsal for Sleeping Beauty in a few hours. Tell the truth, I'm really hoping for a kick in the pants about this show tomorrow. Because it's just been...frustrating. Like there's no creative process for me. I'm doing my best, but it's like I'm already over it. I hate that feeling. This is my goddamned passion and I don't want to find myself being lackluster in my enthusiasm because it's not how I would have done the show. I'm not the director and I'll just shut up now.

Happier things. Just printed out some new pictures for my journal. Haven't updated in a while and I need illustrations. Charlie'll be here on Thursday and I'm aflutter!

Also, last night's Family Guy with the entire cast of ST: TNG was the best thing I've ever seen on that show. Laughed my ass off when Patrick Stewart's elegant voice said "I've got girl boobs!" and him smacking poor Wil, who was being defeated by the evil crane game at the bowling alley! Michael Dorn's "I have to go to the bathroom" FTW!

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Outrageous Inspiration

Tonight they had a repeat of The Outrageous Okona, the episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation that gave me the inspiration for my ever-lasting username: trekkiepirate.

Trekkie is, of course, for the term for Star Trek geeks (like myself). Pirate comes from the charming and eponymous rogue Okona. (nope, not Captain Mal Reynolds, that love came later) The below picture is the outrageous Okona himself. No wonder I find him...inspiring.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Open Letter to Eric Kripke

Dear God,

First let me say thank you for creating Supernatural. It's an awesome show and makes my Thursday nights all the better for being there. Thank you also for casting Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as the leads as they are very talented men (also hot. very hot)

I humbly ask only one thing, sir:

*calms* See, if you too much more to the character of Dean Winchester, we'll have to enter the realm of fantasy to believe a man could handle so much. It wouldn't be possible. Especially since he returned from Hell, he's been through so much and any more and I'm sure he'd crack. You've got a fifth season now, spread out the destruction a bit or it'll be impossible to believe Dean could stand it, strong a character as he is.

Now I can see the appeal. Jensen Ackles is a phenomenal actor and he gives heart-wrenching performances, but for the love of Toledo, leave off Dean for a few episodes. The preview for next week seemed to have Dean and Sam being office peons and not knowing each other. A nice little (oh hopefully dream) break from all the torment. That's good. If we can just keep this little bit of lightness for the next couple episodes, I think we're all be okay and Dean won't have to commit suicide in order to be believable anymore.

Thank you (not that you'll ever read this, but in the rare chance you do),

P.S. Sam's gotten creepy. Ease up a bit on him too.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tribute to A Perfectly Marvelous Girl...

I know I promised no sad things on this blog, but I felt this had to be mentioned.

Natasha Richardson, beautiful and brilliant actress of stage and screen, died at only 45. My thoughts (and I hope all of yours as well) go out to her family and friends.

I never met Natasha (though I really wanted to), but she was one of my absolute favourite actresses. I'm currently listening to the Cabaret revival in which she portrayed Sally Bowles (wonderfully) and later, I think I'll watch Blow Dry.

So instead of making this forbiddingly sad, join me in celebrating such a phenomenal actress who will be truly missed by all who knew her and knew her work.

Day One: Spring Break/Blink

I got so bored that I did something I have never done before. I'm not proud of it, but I feel I must unburden my soul to you, my dear lieblings.

I...*takes a deep breath*...I...oh this is so hard to a bandage, just rip it of...I VACUUMED! (and also learnt I do not know how to spell vacuum. In my defense, it is a dastardly word)

That's right, I got so bored, I vacuumed, took out the trash, did the laundry, and cleaned my room. and it's only Day One! By tomorrow, I'll be making macrame baskets and hemp bracelets. Save me, oh someone! A call, a text, an e-mail, do save me from the ennui!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


That's a link to Zanna...Don't! Brilliant Cast Recording, great (if short-lived) show!

Needed somewhere to keep the link, also I offer it up to you all!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I am Freakin' Velvety Smooth

So the Talent Show rocked! I got the audience to moo with me (minus some stony girls in the front row, but whatever) which is always fun! Alicia’s rap went great (and she got Al up to be one of the back-up dancers), I could finally make out the words to Devin’s song, and Erica’s signing was really good. Sarah won with her rendition of “Hallelujah”, accompanying herself on the guitar. That girl can sing like a mofo!

I felt for the first time, like I really belonged here right now. Like I’ve got friends and can have fun and be crazy and no one will judge me. At peace.

Then on to YTrinity CafĂ© concert thingy. Had to retreat to the tables in the back to protect my ears (is everyone my age deaf or something?), but still a fun time. Crazy band with awesome costumes. Select Start was great (thanks Craig for the random song on your myspace so I had a frame of reference) and it turns out one of the guys went to Blake! (someone even yelled out ‘813!’, which gave me a small pang)

Best of all, I met a cute (I know, I’m incorrigible. I’m gonna blame Harkness and leave it at that) boy who played guitar and sang. Cute, quiet, wore a loose tie (squee!), and gorgeous! Finally got to talk to him for a minute just before I left (Select Start’s songs still ringing in my damaged ears). I’m pretty sure he was flirting back, or at least nervous rushed speech, trying to be smooth and crack jokes). Boosted the old ego a bit and believe me, I’ve needed that.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Maturity is for StupidHeads!

Wrote it this morning, but Internet has been wonky. Hence the posting now:

So I feel like a ten year old. Remember when you told your parents that when you were ‘all grown up’ you would eat whatever you wanted for breakfast? Today, ladies and gentlemen, I have lived that dream!

Started with some coffee and scrambled eggs (cooked in a microwave, which apparently you can do). Decided the eggs looked lonely, so put them on a tortilla with some cheese, ham, and olives. Folded up my homemade breakfast burrito and ate that.

Roomie comes in and reminds me she’s cooking up the rest of the turkey bacon. So I get the burnt pieces of that (four or five, I don’t remember). Then Roomie gets a craving for chocolate ice cream and I, who didn’t get Cherry Garcia when last at grocery store, decide to encourage her into having a road trip to the Walgreens for some ice cream. We eat some of that when we get home.

So in a little less than two hours, I ate all that. I need to go walk to Georgia now to burn it all off. Actually, first Loose Screws because I saw a magical sign (Book Sale!), then if Internet is still being wonky to library to drop off books and get computer help (“Why does it go all Blue Screen of DEATH so often?”). Then to Anastasia Books for the book for Mum and maybe Kosmic Pizza for lunch. And I’m wearing a DoS shirt to check if the many rainbows around the entrance have a deeper meaning. Then more walking to burn that off…

(Edit: Didn't go to book sale. Went to Thrift Store instead and found a Darkwing Duck figurine...also other things. Somehow made it worthwhile. Did get book for Mum, did drop off books, tech help wasn't there, and planning on Kosmic Pizza between church and last day of Box office/Strike)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Can't Think of Clever Title

So, I worked my final three hour, sit in the Box Office and try to not kill anyone shift today.

I have a Theatre History Midterm tomorrow (less than 12 hours away!) and plenty to do this weekend.

1. Stage Combat journal (about rapier, dagger and being happy to have found my ring)
2. Rehearse and learn a scene from Doubt (Watch your back, Meryl Streep!)
3. Meet Meg like every Friday and try not to have a crush on her.
4. While I'm at it, try not to have a crush on Greg either.
5. Do 3 rehearsal entries and a play/scene/character analysis.
6. Go to church on Sunday and try not to have a crush on the handsome priest.
7. And try to not have a crush on the girl in my dance class.
8. Do the Art Walk tomorrow, so I don't have to make my own food.
9. Work the shows: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

So...a lot of that has to do with not having crushes on people. *shakes head* Well, you know me, silly school girl in the extreme when it comes to crushes. I'll try not to doodle hearts...try =8->

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Birthday Wishes

Just wanted to take a minute and wish Jensen Ackles a very happy and awesome birthday today. Thirty-one never looked so good! May your birthday wish come true, Jensen.

Am exhausted. Going to make dinner, maybe play some Animal Crossing or surf channels, then sleep. Lots of sleep.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm really beginning to cherish my Saturdays spent walking the streets of St. Augustine. Today I began by going to the Thrift Store Sale where I got eleven items for $5.50. Including a beautiful grey suede coat and a trench of my very own. Some men's shirts, some soft sweaters, one shirt from The Lion King Broadway Musical (SCORE!), a gorgeous bright blue with brilliant graphics, and a camel-coloured leather jacket.
Also, might have found some part time work at the House of Ireland (if they need it over the holidays and for St. Patty's Day) and a consignment shop to possibly sell some old clothes.

But that was not the highlight of the day:

I must have spent nearly two full hours talking to this man. He’s an artist and his work was on display at the gallery I went to last weekend. Turns out, he is the artist of my favourite of all the paintings. So I talked to him about the painting and my interpretation (Robert Johnson’s last moments). He asked if I was an artist, I said no. We discussed music (subject of much of his work), I replied I had no gift there either.
I told him I was an actress, so we discussed theatre and acting.
Acting and Painting have so much more in common than I thought. It’s about taking what is inside ourselves and putting it forward for others, not so they can see what we see, but so they can have an experience of their own.
We discussed films, our favourites, and what genres we liked. But we were always going back to the absolute peace that comes for him when he’s painting and for me when I am on a stage.
How perseverance and a leg-up are necessary, and how transformative good acting is. That the best art is probably that which just comes from the moment. That true satisfaction with one’s work is very difficult to attain and that perhaps future work is the better for it.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Son of a Preacher Man

It’s been an odd sort of a day. But the perfect cure for the lousy week I’ve been having, that’s for sure. It began with the arrival of Wil Wheaton’s new book. I can’t wait to read it! Interesting things that happened while I wandered around, putting up posters:

1. The girl at the Bunnery recognised the girl in the poster, which I found interesting considering how stark the design of the poster.
2. I actually managed to find places for all the posters I took with me. I will probably ask for more and try to get them in more places.
3. I went to the nearby Episcopal church and met Father Brian. Quite handsome, I thought (dishy vicar) and kind. I…I do believe I’ll go to church tomorrow. I’ve never gone of my own accord and not willingly in many many years. I don’t know if this is a resurgence of faith…I mean, if any church you’d think I’d go with UU, but…maybe it’s because of Bishop Robinson and how he got to speak at the Inauguration and how the Episcopal church (parts of at least) are supportive of people like me. Maybe I just need something in the community, something I can be a part of so I don’t feel quite so alone here.
4. I went to an art gallery. And the work was beautiful. This one piece reminded me of Robert Johnson, and I’ve never heard a single one of his songs the whole way through. But it was beautiful and layered and still disjointed and…terrified. I got a sense of terror and frantic work, ‘get that last note down before the hell hounds come for me’. A woman working there was so kind to me (I think she wanted to make a sale), she must have thought I was older than I was and had money to spend on these works. I wish I did. Some were breathtaking. Some I loved, some I wanted to buy for people I knew. There was an artist there with her artist husband. They both had work up and both were also painting or retouching work at the same time right in the gallery. In his work, there was a sense of timelessness that drew me. He’d copy Renaissance works and in the foreground have young women that somehow were and were not a part of the reproduction painting. A modern retelling next to the original. And the woman had two paintings that struck me: someone walking in an autumn park at twilight, another walking past tall city buildings. The little figure, the Wanderer I named them in my head, was the draw. I don’t know why. But of all the paintings, the bluesy, jazzy one that I have nowhere to put and no way to afford was my favourite.
5. As I passed the nearby theatre on the way home, I noticed it was opening earlier to show movies at 5. I went in and looked around. My favourite of the many collections was the buttons. Hundreds of them, including The Man Without A Face. I knelt to look at it and just…felt safe with the image of the boy there, grown up now. I got my five dollar bill I had left and four quarters and I went to see Doubt.
6. Doubt was phenomenal. Absolutely brilliant. I would have preferred the Broadway cast (as I had seen them on tour), but Meryl Strep and Philip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adams were all amazing. It didn’t feel as much like a movie as I thought, more like I was sitting on a stage with them, so close. Of course much was added to make the right running time for a movie and I do believe the play was better (when it is not?), but it was still a mesmerising film.Now I am determined to do a scene from it in Acting II and I’ll ask Josh, because he’d gushed over it as well.

Carry on my Wayward Son, There'll Be Peace When You Are Done...

So, this week. Sucked.

I won't go into details, as I did promise to not. Suffice to say I can sum things up with song lyrics (as did with title and can do with everything in life...seriously)

My friends: "I thought together we'd amaze the world/how can I live my dreams or even start/when everything has come apart"
My finances: "I got plenty o' nuthin'"
Classwork piling up: "You have many spinning plates in the air and your feet are tangled in a mob of lemurs" (Okay, so that's a quote from Wil Wheaton, but whatever)
Missing Curtain Call, and Riviera and my mom and going to the bookstore and Deja Vu the stupid little birds that chirped me awake way too early every weekend morning: "They're not my home/not anymore/not like they so were before"

So, onto happier things:
1. I like my co-star (also like that word: co-star) =8->
2. Box Office shouldn't be too hard (unless I get held up and apparently, that's a possibly...)
3. I'm about to type up and post the next chapter of Perks of the Job, which may get me shot as I am going to mess with the boys *blames Teach*, then angst the hell of out everyone *again, blames Teach*
4. Mary's 20th birthday is Wednesday, so I'm gonna call her as it has been far too long since I've seen/spoke her! Already got her birthday sent out.
5. Got most of my errands done yesterday: only have to put up posters on St. George Street today!
6. Watched a gut-wrenching, heart-breaking film called What Makes a Family. Why is this on the happy list? Because it made me want to fight a whole lot harder for GLBT rights, especially in Florida. This is my home state and fuck all, if I let it continue to be the one dragging its feet on realising everyone deserves rights!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day to:


I decided to spend the day having a great day. I'm watching all my favourite blooper reels (Supernatural, Torchwood, Sports Night, etc.) and behind the scenes featurettes and any other geeky thing that makes me smile and gives me a warm glow (Blood Drips Heavily on Newsies Square, I am looking at you!). Then I'm making my favourite meals (hazelnut coffee this morning, some of the Best Tacos Ever (TM) for lunch and reheated homemade mac'n'cheese for dinner.

Along with that, I'm sending little Valentines to all my friends to let them know how much I love them, but Collins knows I couldn't live without them and I don't tell any of them nearly often enough!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Since I Found Serenity...

So, I had a particularly long stretch between my Acting and Stage Combat class today. Instead of coming home or taking a nap (like Alicia and Erica did), I explored the Flagler theatre.

Oh, it was beautiful. I found the ghost corners (areas where so few people have ever walked that they are marginally colder than other places in the theatre) and discovered an old secretary desk in a room at the very top. The drawer was deep and empty (no secret compartments, I checked) and I have this overwhelming urge to leave a note for the next explorer after me.

I did, however, find a Serenity Spot. Other than my closet floor (and I'm blaming/thanking Private Practice for that idea), the stairs hidden from view leading to the very top of the theatre are my new Serenity Spot. What I mean by that term is somewhere I can go, be alone and just breathe. I may take a book or a notebook next time, but I find Serenity Spots best for thinking. No moving, no props, just thinking.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Best Taco Ever (TM)

Okay, I have invented the Best Taco Ever (TM).

Take one tortilla (I use wheat, but that's down to preference).
Cut one lime in half and squeeze a couple drops of juice. Use halved lime to spread it all over the tortilla.
Rip up some pieces of lettuce and put on top.
Next some thin BBQ-seasoned chicken from the little packages in the lunch meat section. about one and a half slices works best. Place on top of lettuce.
Shredded sharp cheddar cheese. Can use whatever kind of cheese floats your boat, but again, I prefer sharp cheddar.
Lastly, spoon over some diced tomatoes (I use the ones from a can, but that's because I'm lazy).

Fold however you like to fold your tacos and viola! Best Taco Ever (TM). I may share this recipe around, but no one can take it without credit. Hence the (TM). Also, may call up the brother and brag. Hahaha, maybe I'm not in culinary school, but I made some yummies, so there! *calms the hell down, I swear*

Friday, February 6, 2009

Care Package!

So, my mum sent me a care package from home. This included:

1. The actual disc of Animal Crossing, which was not in the case I took.
2. Mocha and Triple chocolate M&Ms because my diet is screwed!
3. Hot chocolate insta-style.
4. A frickin' tub of Folger's coffee, which make Ianto's eyebrows rise so high, they hit his hairline.
5. Gift cards to Walmart (so I can buy properly-fitted jeans) and Publix (so I can buy food and stop surviving on PB&J on crackers, which I had eaten for the past couple meals)
6. Supernatural Seasons 1, 2, and 3! I didn't expect 3, but the others I knew were coming if I just planted the hints right... Which means I am geeking out and watching the bloopers and behind the scenes things. Always love those! Jared and Jensen are such dorks, such gorgeous dorks!
7. Assorted toiletries she found in my room.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dydd Santes Dwynwen Hapus

Happy Saint Dwynwen's Day to all you out their who have lovers. This is, much like Valentine's Day only with Welsh national pride, a day for celebrating being in love. Luckily it's not as commercialised and annoying as Valentine's Day (I'm assuming, not living in Wales where they might be being inundated with people running around being all Hallmarky.

So to all of you who read this blog and are in love, many blessings to ya! For those of you single souls like myself, dress up snazzy and go treat yourself to something nice. Have a love affair with yourself!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

And the Stars, in Their Multitude...

So, after a pretty damned awesome day (only the end of maths and the realisation from Drama Prod. made it less than fully awesome), I'm all ready to settle in, watch me some telly (Ugly Betty, Supernatural, Private Practice), and go to sleep.

What was so awesome about today?
1. Ballroom dance class! Had to be the guy, as there are never enough, but learned 'dance position', the cha-cha and some basic steps. Also got to dance with some lovely ladies.
2. I think I'm making friends in my theatre classes. Alicia, Nelsie, Owain (spelled the Welsh way!), Al. So maybe I'll soon feel less lonely.
3. On my way back from maths, one of the horse-drawn carriage drivers called out to me. She dropped her whip, which I fetched. She then rewarded me by driving me part of the way back home. A $60 privilege for free! Granted it was only about half a block, but that's not the point. I got to lean back, relax and stare at the hundreds of stars in the clear sky. Beautiful, majestic, made my problems seem as stupid and trivial as they are...

What sucked?
1. May not be able to graduate by December. Gorram it! I can't stay in school so much longer. No money for tuition, no job to get money for tutition, no desire to stay...
2. That I actually didn't find one guy to prove they aren't all the same. Still just Matt and Craig and Mat on that one...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Half-estastic, Half-dejected

So I think I've finally settled myself into St. Augustine. I made myself a cup of coffee and ate Frosted Flakes on the same couch I used to watch the Britcoms on Saturday nights while my parents and grandparents played poker.

Yeah, we have actual furniture now. The fam brought it yesterday. Way more than we'll need, but at least now it's staying in the family instead of going to the RAS at Gran's complex.

I keep getting these moments...missing my friends, my CC family, *laughs* missing Chipotle's (cannot find one!) and food other than what I can make.

Loving right now:
1. That the TRAVELING BELT HAS BEEN FOUND! Hear that, girls! I am so sorry, but it must have been me who lost the belt. *ducks head humbly* But it's back!
2. I have met someone. *grins* His name is John, he's a Theatre minor and he's funny and loud and weird and has a Triforce tattooed on his wrist. And gorgeous eyes, can't forget the eyes!
3. Have found a brilliant little used bookstore to frequent!

Hating right now:
1. Knowing I should go shower and head to the bookstore, but too lazy to do so.
2. It's too bloody cold!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

All You've Got to Do is Dream...

Just finished watching Dreamgirls (Oh my Collins, it was amazing!) with my roommate. We sat on beach chairs and ate burnt popcorn. Oh for my whole adult life to be as easy and fun as this.

One downside is that the song "Family" kept coming up and every time it did, I felt a pang for my Curtain Call family. Craig, Erin, Jennie, Mat, Sarah, Vickie, Dana. I know none of you read this blog (hell, since Mat didn't even know I'd moved, I'm assuming you don't read my facebook or myspace either), but I just want all of you, not just Craig, Erin, and Mat (who's numbers I have and could text) that I love and miss you.

You all will forever be a part of my family. Just like my girls (Mary, Alex, Aubrey, Evie) and my boys (my Harry, my drunken Irish fairy). Love and miss you all.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Settlin' Ain't the Same as Settlin' Down

So I've been in St. Augustine a week and a resident for six days. Had orientation today, so boring. Upside: Got halfway through my book in the boredom. Downside: Bored and now mentally exhausted without being physically in the same way, so sleep is out of the question.

Obviously I'll just have to read Jack/Ianto and Jared/Jensen fics for the rest of the night, then go kick some ass in Paper Mario. Oh dearie me, what hardship. *grins*

Also, unsure if should eat dinner now (as am starving) or wait to see if roommate plans to grab something to eat and tagging along.

Will fully describe new flat/roommate/classes/Flagler when have more energy in the brainpan.

Also, Mat called me yesterday to ask me about a monologue (still the go-to for theatre issues *glees*) and when we could hang out. Bit difficult, I said, as I now live in St. Augustine. He'd not known I was leaving. *shakes head fondly* Silly boy. Must look up the Mandarin for little brother, so I have something to call him.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

They're Not My Home, Not Anymore

Lease to be signed and notarized tomorrow! All my stuff moved in and put away! My roommate, S, does not return until tomorrow!

Truthfully this is my second night in the apartment, but I didn't have the internet last night. I did play a lot of Paper Mario though (too much excitement, I know!)

So, I've got a new town, new address, and a new chapter. I'd call it a new start, but that imples a finish with Tampa and, much as some people there can piss me off, Tampa was the closest to home I ever had. So until I find the place I want to settle (or settle into anyway because I get an awesome recurring role on say Supernatural or Torchwood (hope against hope)), this apartment in St. Augustine Florida is home.

Off to conquer the town. And by town, I mean Paper Mario. And by conquer I mean, figure out how to use the damn KOOPA!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Don't Forget to Remember Me

So, last post from Tampa as I make my way to St Augustine, Flagler and a new life!

My nerves are beyond frazzled out, I'm thisclose to a break-down and I'm scared I may not have packed some of my 'essentials'. *flails madly*

*takes deep breath* Better? *shakes head*

*another breath* I can do this. I am strong and I am not alone. My friends are a phone call away and I'm sure I'll make more friends at Flagler.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

It's a Brand New Day and the Sun is High

First post of the new year: 2009. Wow...where the hell is my gorram flying car? And the transporter? I was promised! *pouts*

So, packing is winding down and I'm trying to convince my mom to leave my room be until I come back in March (I promised Mr. Steve I would come back, so I shall) and can finish going through everything (read: my life)

What I am determined to accomplish this year (distinct from resolutions in that I actually plan to keep these):

1. Have a lover (because it's been too gorram long since I've gone on a date! or had sex!)
2. Finish my BA by the end of this year (because I've got a screentest with my name on it and if it kills me or worse, takes me to LA, I will work on shows I love, maybe even films I'm proud of)
3. Be in a show (whether at Flagler or in the area around, I will build up that resume and audition for everything I think I have time and energy for)
4. Get a job (because I'm going to have to learn to take care of myself and my own finances)
5. Up my self-defence skills (in the fervent hope I'll never have to use them)