Friday, February 6, 2009

Care Package!

So, my mum sent me a care package from home. This included:

1. The actual disc of Animal Crossing, which was not in the case I took.
2. Mocha and Triple chocolate M&Ms because my diet is screwed!
3. Hot chocolate insta-style.
4. A frickin' tub of Folger's coffee, which make Ianto's eyebrows rise so high, they hit his hairline.
5. Gift cards to Walmart (so I can buy properly-fitted jeans) and Publix (so I can buy food and stop surviving on PB&J on crackers, which I had eaten for the past couple meals)
6. Supernatural Seasons 1, 2, and 3! I didn't expect 3, but the others I knew were coming if I just planted the hints right... Which means I am geeking out and watching the bloopers and behind the scenes things. Always love those! Jared and Jensen are such dorks, such gorgeous dorks!
7. Assorted toiletries she found in my room.

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