Sunday, February 8, 2009

Best Taco Ever (TM)

Okay, I have invented the Best Taco Ever (TM).

Take one tortilla (I use wheat, but that's down to preference).
Cut one lime in half and squeeze a couple drops of juice. Use halved lime to spread it all over the tortilla.
Rip up some pieces of lettuce and put on top.
Next some thin BBQ-seasoned chicken from the little packages in the lunch meat section. about one and a half slices works best. Place on top of lettuce.
Shredded sharp cheddar cheese. Can use whatever kind of cheese floats your boat, but again, I prefer sharp cheddar.
Lastly, spoon over some diced tomatoes (I use the ones from a can, but that's because I'm lazy).

Fold however you like to fold your tacos and viola! Best Taco Ever (TM). I may share this recipe around, but no one can take it without credit. Hence the (TM). Also, may call up the brother and brag. Hahaha, maybe I'm not in culinary school, but I made some yummies, so there! *calms the hell down, I swear*

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