Saturday, February 21, 2009

Carry on my Wayward Son, There'll Be Peace When You Are Done...

So, this week. Sucked.

I won't go into details, as I did promise to not. Suffice to say I can sum things up with song lyrics (as did with title and can do with everything in life...seriously)

My friends: "I thought together we'd amaze the world/how can I live my dreams or even start/when everything has come apart"
My finances: "I got plenty o' nuthin'"
Classwork piling up: "You have many spinning plates in the air and your feet are tangled in a mob of lemurs" (Okay, so that's a quote from Wil Wheaton, but whatever)
Missing Curtain Call, and Riviera and my mom and going to the bookstore and Deja Vu the stupid little birds that chirped me awake way too early every weekend morning: "They're not my home/not anymore/not like they so were before"

So, onto happier things:
1. I like my co-star (also like that word: co-star) =8->
2. Box Office shouldn't be too hard (unless I get held up and apparently, that's a possibly...)
3. I'm about to type up and post the next chapter of Perks of the Job, which may get me shot as I am going to mess with the boys *blames Teach*, then angst the hell of out everyone *again, blames Teach*
4. Mary's 20th birthday is Wednesday, so I'm gonna call her as it has been far too long since I've seen/spoke her! Already got her birthday sent out.
5. Got most of my errands done yesterday: only have to put up posters on St. George Street today!
6. Watched a gut-wrenching, heart-breaking film called What Makes a Family. Why is this on the happy list? Because it made me want to fight a whole lot harder for GLBT rights, especially in Florida. This is my home state and fuck all, if I let it continue to be the one dragging its feet on realising everyone deserves rights!

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