Monday, June 29, 2009

Writers Turn Caffeine Into Words

So, I'm taking time to relax after my stay in Tampa and boy, do I need it. I'm starting to work on a schedule to keep to, so I don't get all lazy these two months until school begins again (hoping still to get a job, though!) and I am going to exercise in some way every single day, 'cause I'm looking good and I want to keep this up!

Collins is fixed (my dearest darling, beautiful laptop of Awesome, in case you're unaware who I'm talking about) and running like life in "Row, Row, Row, Your Boat" (i.e. like a dream). Brilliant. This means several things, my lieblings:

1. My responses to e-mails will be longer and have a quicker turn-over.
2. I'll be able to actually get and listen to new music, watch shows I've been meaning to catch, and maybe finish Devour just so I can have a good laugh at Jensen Ackles' expense (which I've been doing ever since Kris first showed me "Eye of the Tiger" and got me into Supernatural).
3. I will write every single fucking day, you have my word! On the 5th starts up, wewriteinhell time, and I'm working on a prequel to my planned NaNo this year: Wilde at Heart. And I just got a couple songfic ideas today (J2 both of them)
4. I'll be able to feed, play games with, and mess about more with my neopets (well, it makes me happy)
5. Maybe more Twitter and/or Facebook updates.

Monday, June 22, 2009

It Makes Her Feel Close

Saw X-men Origins: Wolverine and Star Trek today. Liked both, one had a hobbit and Berg, the other Scotty and a red shirt.

Had a fantastic time over at Kris' yesterday! Watched Ten Inch Hero (someone to share the glory of it with!), and talked for three hours. Well, it's been months, we had catching up to do!

Tomorrow=hanging out with Alex! Maybe Wednesday with Matt, Friday with Erin and Saturday with Craig! Miss me friends ever so much!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Like a Breeze Off the River

So, there was a little craft fair at the square with the gazebo. Such cute things, I had to run to the college and grab some money. I got two cute necklaces (a leaf that looks like a wing necklace and a mini-bird necklace) and a gorgeous amethyst ring. May even trade it out for the one I always month...

Bought a cherry Italian ice and headed down to the fort (unlike the 'Ghost Adventurers' I felt no spiritual presences and the only 'growls' I hear was the water from the bay gurgling. Just sat there, watched people go by, watched the boats, watched fish jump from the water...beautiful.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

If There's A Prize for Rotten Judgment

Cute Priest is getting to me. Brian. This is the second time we've had dinner (just us, dressed nice, he paid and picked me up/dropped me off) and...well...except for no kiss at the end, it felt like a date. I even tried to joke about it and...I can't interpret his response properly.

I'm a fool and a moron. I'll come out of this feeling like a prize idiot, I know I will. But I really do like him. Even if there's no hope (he's a Episcopal priest, I'm an Larsonist who really just believes in her Captains and the Doctor) for a future...I kinda wish there was.

And about Craig (he doesn't know about the blog, so I can use his name)? I'm still completely in love with him.I'd give anything for him to have feelings for me too.

Happier things: actually made friends with some girls from my speech class. They invited me to lunch and we all just chatted for an hour and a half. It was great!