Thursday, June 4, 2009

If There's A Prize for Rotten Judgment

Cute Priest is getting to me. Brian. This is the second time we've had dinner (just us, dressed nice, he paid and picked me up/dropped me off) and...well...except for no kiss at the end, it felt like a date. I even tried to joke about it and...I can't interpret his response properly.

I'm a fool and a moron. I'll come out of this feeling like a prize idiot, I know I will. But I really do like him. Even if there's no hope (he's a Episcopal priest, I'm an Larsonist who really just believes in her Captains and the Doctor) for a future...I kinda wish there was.

And about Craig (he doesn't know about the blog, so I can use his name)? I'm still completely in love with him.I'd give anything for him to have feelings for me too.

Happier things: actually made friends with some girls from my speech class. They invited me to lunch and we all just chatted for an hour and a half. It was great!

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