Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's Against the Law to be Vaguely Gay?

It probably shouldn't amuse me as much as it does, but in my computer class I'm typing something about intellectual property and it keeps making me think of Sports Night. I so want to do the whole bit and start laughing.

Which, making me think of other things that make me laugh (damn Supernatural gag reel!).

I think I'm in the Giggle Loop and I'm trying not to start laughing hysterically! And it's not a stack!

See, I was feeling sad before class and now I'm in the Giggle Loop and feeling much better. May even watch the Supernatural gag reels when I get home and laugh hysterically anyway!

Must remember:
1. Radio meeting at 4!
2. E-mail Tom a birthday message!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Open Letter to James Marsters

Dear James,

You, sir, are an awesome man. Full stop. If ever anyone tries to tell you that you are not awesome, do not listen to them and continue on your awesome way. Your CD, Like A Waterfall, is fucking amazing and I will be pimping it out to everyone I know. You have a song with a line about Naoko needing to learn her lines. You make me smile (in bed...I have no idea where that came from, but it's true).

Also, at cons, you are the very nicest of any celebrity out there. You go the extra mile and we fans appreciate it like you wouldn't believe. You make our days, our weeks, our years, and some of our lives just by being there and being so caring. You rock our socks and Birkenstocks, you fantastic man.

Love and best wishes,

Another Open Letter to Eric Kripke

Dear God AKA Eric Kripke sir,

Thank you for the nod to wincest in the opening episode. We appreciate it. Now if you could work in some actual kissing between Jared and Jensen we would explode with happiness and be your slaves forever. Whatever you want, sir, seriously. Becky was awesome, but I must ask: how is Dean a let-down for her? The man looks like a god.

However, as I once asked you to stop fucking with Dean's emotions (*sarcasm* good job there, by the way), I must now ask you to please put the boys back together again. I know it will take time, but they HAVE to make up and be a real team again. Please! I'll even provide any duct tape, bandages, and/or dental floss or paperclips to facilitate the putting them back together.

One last time: Bobby FTW. Taking back possession of himself to save Dean and yelling at hospital staff. Bobby is awesome. Full stop.

Thank you,

Monday, September 7, 2009

It's Like An Orgasm Over a Weekend

I had such an utterly fantastic time at Dragon*Con this year! Gareth remembered me (and hugged me a lot!), James was as darling as ever, Felicia was so completely beautiful and sweet (and tiny!), and Tom. Well…I don’t quite have the words for Tom, except that I love him.
I got celebrity drops (Gareth, Felicia and Barry Boswick). I got autographs. I got pictures (hope to upload soon). I got pictures taken of me (as River Tam) and cosplayed as Donna Noble.
The panels were fantastic, the guests were dolls, and I found my friends from last year (Chris, Lisa, Nancy, Andy). And the Shindig? Was Mighty Fine.
All in all, a wonderful weekend, but now I must away to catch up on two days of missed classes (yipes!)