Friday, September 11, 2009

Another Open Letter to Eric Kripke

Dear God AKA Eric Kripke sir,

Thank you for the nod to wincest in the opening episode. We appreciate it. Now if you could work in some actual kissing between Jared and Jensen we would explode with happiness and be your slaves forever. Whatever you want, sir, seriously. Becky was awesome, but I must ask: how is Dean a let-down for her? The man looks like a god.

However, as I once asked you to stop fucking with Dean's emotions (*sarcasm* good job there, by the way), I must now ask you to please put the boys back together again. I know it will take time, but they HAVE to make up and be a real team again. Please! I'll even provide any duct tape, bandages, and/or dental floss or paperclips to facilitate the putting them back together.

One last time: Bobby FTW. Taking back possession of himself to save Dean and yelling at hospital staff. Bobby is awesome. Full stop.

Thank you,

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