Monday, September 7, 2009

It's Like An Orgasm Over a Weekend

I had such an utterly fantastic time at Dragon*Con this year! Gareth remembered me (and hugged me a lot!), James was as darling as ever, Felicia was so completely beautiful and sweet (and tiny!), and Tom. Well…I don’t quite have the words for Tom, except that I love him.
I got celebrity drops (Gareth, Felicia and Barry Boswick). I got autographs. I got pictures (hope to upload soon). I got pictures taken of me (as River Tam) and cosplayed as Donna Noble.
The panels were fantastic, the guests were dolls, and I found my friends from last year (Chris, Lisa, Nancy, Andy). And the Shindig? Was Mighty Fine.
All in all, a wonderful weekend, but now I must away to catch up on two days of missed classes (yipes!)

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