Saturday, August 29, 2009

You're Going to Be Bad for My Wallet

So I took a little walk down one of the side streets and what do I find? A rare map/print/book store and an antiques/kitschy place with a literal tonne of stuff I want right now!

In the print store, I reverently touched the aged papers (and found a stack of Charlie Brown comic books that are so destined to be mine) and pulled out maps to locate My Places (i.e. places I’ve been and loved, places I desperately want to go to, and places that mean a great deal to people who mean a great deal to me). I found an old postcard of Texas (I have discovered that, quite unintentionally, most of the men I adore are from Texas. Weird that) and the man let me have it for free. It was probably only a dollar, but still! Thanked him profusely and realised that anything can be had if you go heavy on the accent, pretend to be a tourist, and look poor.

Now the antiques shop…I actually offered to work for less than minimum wage in order to be allowed to work there. I kinda hope something comes of it! *fingers crossed and good juju flowing* If nothing else, give me $100 bucks and I can buy something for everyone on my Chrismas list…most of them several somethings…and still manage to pick something nice up for myself!

Random thing before I sign off: Aaron Carter is in this season of Dancing With the Stars…which unfortunately means I must watch it…it still hasn’t sunk in just yet. Aaron Carter…after all these years…damn…I've having the feelings again.

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