Thursday, August 20, 2009


So, I think I've finally recovered from the events of the weekend.

1. The show was KICKASS! We killed, we ruled, all others are half-dead mortals compared to us. Sure, we made mistakes (plenty of), but we played them off and no one was any the wiser. Everyone loved us!
2. My friends! Carly, Craig, Erin, Jennie, Mat, Sarah, Vickie and I are fantastic singers/dancers/actors/what have you apart, but together we are (a family! *couldn't resist*) incredible! We are going to take the world by storm, you see if we don't.
3. Matt: my Harry, my best guy friend, the overseer of most of my high school hijinks (which means we must be friends forever, because he has got lots of crazy blackmail-worthy material on me). We finally got to really catch up (spent two and a half hours talking) about each other's lives. I was reminded of why he is the Harry to my Sally and always will be.
4. Chipotle's and Taco Bell. You laugh, you scoff, but let he or she without sin live in a glass house.

One dim spot: TMJ 2: Revenge of the JAW!

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