Monday, December 28, 2009

First A Deep Breath, Take it All in

So the big Opening Weekend/Holiday Rush/Traveling Time is now over and I can breathe.

*takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly*

That's better. I have nothing (that's right, not a gorram thing) to do today. I am going to read and make lunch and dinner (make, not toss in microwave because it's nearing eleven at night and I'm exhausted. I am going to clean up my bedroom, organise my CDs, find places for my new films. And you know what? If I don't get it done today, I'll finish up tomorrow or Wednesday. More free days! Thursday is the special New Year's Eve show, then the regular weekend ones, but for now I have nothing to do and I'm going to do nothing.

Friday, December 18, 2009

An Actor's Wish

Oh Thespis,

You seemed as good as anyone to direct this to, so here goes:

May I always work with good people who put their all into their part of the show.

May the lights not come up too soon nor too late. Same for sound cues, music cues, the sun, and my own cues.

May I have the ability to change my costume and my character in time to get on stage.

May this be the only way I ever need to earn a living for myself and whomever I need to provide for in my life.

May I and my co-stars give the kind of performance that propels people to their feet at the curtain call.

May I have the endurance to give everything I've got every time I walk on them boards or in front of that camera.

And lastly,

May I always always find my work fun. May it challenge me and wear me down, but let, at the end of the day, it also be the source of my greatest joys and thrills.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Things I Have Learned Today

1. That Mandarin Orange yogurt tastes remarkably like a creamsicle (must remember to put in freezer next time and try the whole experience again)

2. That making french fries in the oven takes a very very long time (and must one fork the fries? They seem to be...puffing up...maybe it's just that time of the month)

3. That, for once, instead of holding my constant level of love and respect for one Mr. Wil Wheaton, I am incensed to jealousy after reading his account of Seth MacFarlane's party. (*rubs hands together* One day soon, sir...)

4. That Wesley Crusher as Time Lord might just make its way into a story...

5. That my Priestly/Dean Forester fic (don't ask me how they got together, I'm just a glorified landlord and scribe for my People) is NOT a Gilmore Girls fic (despite Rory's presence)'s a Ten Inch Hero fic ...shut up...)

6. That I really should finish my NaNo story.

7. That I hope I don't cock up my quick changes tonight.

8. That I don't know how to pin up my braided hair. Not like I've ever done it before.

9. That I might as well just settle into the j2_x_over community on lj...I'll be there awhile...

Hold my calls

Friday, December 4, 2009

Two Weeks (and a Day) to 21!

I'm sure, were I a more interesting/social/typical college student I would be preparing to imbibe my first legal alcoholic drink. But, I am me and my first thought about celebrating 21 is that I want to take myself out to a nice lunch. My priorities, right?

Well, NaNo is over and done (and recovered from): 50,705. Not stunningly over, but respectable I believe. I am in no way done with Wilde at Heart though. I've still got the big battle, some previous plot points to wrap up, the wedding/reception for Gentry and Sally, and then the Parting of the Ways to go. But I can write them on my own time, which I will now have more of as...NO MORE CLASSES! I still have finals to go, but no more classes!

I'm going to enjoy today and tomorrow as I have no rehearsals either day and I've almost forgotten what a free Saturday feels like. Don't know what to do with myself: try to bus it to Arby's and Michaels? Head over to that craft fair I saw adverts for? Explore uptown when things are open? Stay in and catch up on my (mountains of) reading? Actually work on my Metaphysics paper?

Who knows?