Friday, December 18, 2009

An Actor's Wish

Oh Thespis,

You seemed as good as anyone to direct this to, so here goes:

May I always work with good people who put their all into their part of the show.

May the lights not come up too soon nor too late. Same for sound cues, music cues, the sun, and my own cues.

May I have the ability to change my costume and my character in time to get on stage.

May this be the only way I ever need to earn a living for myself and whomever I need to provide for in my life.

May I and my co-stars give the kind of performance that propels people to their feet at the curtain call.

May I have the endurance to give everything I've got every time I walk on them boards or in front of that camera.

And lastly,

May I always always find my work fun. May it challenge me and wear me down, but let, at the end of the day, it also be the source of my greatest joys and thrills.

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