Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Things I Have Learned Today

1. That Mandarin Orange yogurt tastes remarkably like a creamsicle (must remember to put in freezer next time and try the whole experience again)

2. That making french fries in the oven takes a very very long time (and must one fork the fries? They seem to be...puffing up...maybe it's just that time of the month)

3. That, for once, instead of holding my constant level of love and respect for one Mr. Wil Wheaton, I am incensed to jealousy after reading his account of Seth MacFarlane's party. (*rubs hands together* One day soon, sir...)

4. That Wesley Crusher as Time Lord might just make its way into a story...

5. That my Priestly/Dean Forester fic (don't ask me how they got together, I'm just a glorified landlord and scribe for my People) is NOT a Gilmore Girls fic (despite Rory's presence)...it's a Ten Inch Hero fic ...shut up...)

6. That I really should finish my NaNo story.

7. That I hope I don't cock up my quick changes tonight.

8. That I don't know how to pin up my braided hair. Not like I've ever done it before.

9. That I might as well just settle into the j2_x_over community on lj...I'll be there awhile...

Hold my calls

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