Saturday, April 25, 2009

Seredipicidy, Seredipraciousness

So I just spent my first night as a waitress. Holy crap, I think it should be a requirement for everyone to serve as a waiter/waitress for at least a night. Just to find out exactly how crazy a job it truly is.

That being said, it was tons of fun. Yeah, my feet are mutinying and I made mistakes (but dropped nothing and spilled on no one. triple word SCORE!), but it Actually fun. When it wasn't stressful or slow. Great people, amazing place (will have to try the food...)

How it came about: went into Kosmic Bluz Pizza because it has a rainbow sticker and is GLBT owned/operated, ordered a Pepsi. While chatting to waitress told her I was job-hunting, she mentioned there might be some temp work there and to come back at 4. Which I did. Then I didn't leave until 1 am.

Also, have strange, but hilarious twitter conversation with someone nothing like I thought he would be, in the best way. He's cooler (actually, he's dorkier, but it's the same thing for me) than I expected. And crazier too. And it was totally random that we were on at the same time, being on different coasts. Kinda awesome really.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ninja-Dating Has Nothing to do With Actual Ninjas...Sadly

I think I've just been on a date. With Cute Priest. I'm not sure how to classify it, so let's go down the list of rules for a date.

1. He paid. Check
2. It was just the two of us. Check
3. We talked about deep issues and silly issues all at once. Check
4. He kept looking at me. Check
5. We laughed and were very comfortable with each other. Check
6. Held hands. Check (granted during a blessing, but neh)
7. Dressed up nice. Check (I wore my strawberry boatneck, he his priest collar)
8. We both classified it a date. Oh buggerwank

Yeah, the others may have been there, but that last one is probably the most important and is the only one without a check. Is it bad that I really wanted it to be a date? If it had been, it would have been one of the nicest ever. (not the nicest as that was February 13th in my sophmore year with Aubrey. I got Adam's Civilian CD (she bought it for me, awww) and Aida. Then I whooped her at air hockey. And we had our first kiss. Best date ever in my book)

Save the Earth: it's the Only Planet with Chocolate

Take good care of the Earth...

Otherwise we'll all have to relocate to Barcelona. Not the city Barcelona, the planet Barcelona. They've got dogs with no noses...

Hold up, that actually sounds kinda awesome. Let's abandon Earth and head to Barcelona! What? They have no chocolate? Fuck that shit, I'm staying on Earth!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just a Quickie

So, updates sound good, right?


1. Finished Directing Show: went great!
2. Finished Sleeping Beauty: went well.
3. Finished Puss in Boots: went good.
4. As of tomorrow will have finished a semester at Flagler (and then finals next week): went brilliantly!
5. Haven't finished children's theatre journals: gotta get on that.
6. TMJ is kicking up again: buggerwank.
7. Radio work starts up on the 30th: will be awesome! (must remember to throw in Sports Night quotes whenever possible)
8. Am a crappy friend, so will spend this afternoon e-mailing and messaging all my friend, asking for updates.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Whatever You Want, Just Keep Giving Me Chocolate Eggs

So, Easter wasn't as lonely as I thought it would be. Brian grabbed me after church and asked if I had any place to go. I really did plan on lying, but I didn't, I told him that I had no plans. So he invited me to his place where he'd invited some other people about my age.

And it was a thousand times more fun than I ever thought. Turns out, Brian (known as Cute Priest) is a devious little prankster. I met several new people, including Laurie, whom I think I bonded with the most. Actually hugged her as we all parted ways. We played Marshmallow War with guns made from PVC pipe. Is it really strange that Brian kept aiming for me and shooting at me?

My new dress (as gifted from Laci, to whom i pretty much owe my soul) was a hit. looked great, even if running around playing shooting marshmallows out of piping was a bit difficult. No full agility (my excuse for why I was hit so often), but I did pull off a couple smooth moves.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"What do those clouds look like?" "Candyfloss"

It’s not even noon and today has been one of the best days I’ve had up here. So it started out kinda blah, as we realised we had only a week to prepare our storytelling things. We’d all been so focused on Sleeping Beauty, we all but forgot about storytelling.

So after some bleckness and some costume-sorting, we were released to go to the library to find more Puss in Boots stories to adapt and make our show longer. Best laid plans…we never got there.

It’s Destress Day or something like that. There was a bouncy obstacle course, bouncy slides, bouncy bungee run, and a bouncy pedestal fight! I’d never been on any such thing before (terribly proper child), and were convinced they were death traps. But Al, dear Al, goaded me into each and every one and I loved it! Especially the obstacle course (even if I did bang the hell out f my knee and scrap up my elbow. Such fun! Also, the best part: free candyfloss! That’s right, free candyfloss (cotton candy for you Yanks)! I had three (cause there wasn’t much on any of them), so good and so happy. I loved it!