Saturday, April 25, 2009

Seredipicidy, Seredipraciousness

So I just spent my first night as a waitress. Holy crap, I think it should be a requirement for everyone to serve as a waiter/waitress for at least a night. Just to find out exactly how crazy a job it truly is.

That being said, it was tons of fun. Yeah, my feet are mutinying and I made mistakes (but dropped nothing and spilled on no one. triple word SCORE!), but it Actually fun. When it wasn't stressful or slow. Great people, amazing place (will have to try the food...)

How it came about: went into Kosmic Bluz Pizza because it has a rainbow sticker and is GLBT owned/operated, ordered a Pepsi. While chatting to waitress told her I was job-hunting, she mentioned there might be some temp work there and to come back at 4. Which I did. Then I didn't leave until 1 am.

Also, have strange, but hilarious twitter conversation with someone nothing like I thought he would be, in the best way. He's cooler (actually, he's dorkier, but it's the same thing for me) than I expected. And crazier too. And it was totally random that we were on at the same time, being on different coasts. Kinda awesome really.

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