Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ninja-Dating Has Nothing to do With Actual Ninjas...Sadly

I think I've just been on a date. With Cute Priest. I'm not sure how to classify it, so let's go down the list of rules for a date.

1. He paid. Check
2. It was just the two of us. Check
3. We talked about deep issues and silly issues all at once. Check
4. He kept looking at me. Check
5. We laughed and were very comfortable with each other. Check
6. Held hands. Check (granted during a blessing, but neh)
7. Dressed up nice. Check (I wore my strawberry boatneck, he his priest collar)
8. We both classified it a date. Oh buggerwank

Yeah, the others may have been there, but that last one is probably the most important and is the only one without a check. Is it bad that I really wanted it to be a date? If it had been, it would have been one of the nicest ever. (not the nicest as that was February 13th in my sophmore year with Aubrey. I got Adam's Civilian CD (she bought it for me, awww) and Aida. Then I whooped her at air hockey. And we had our first kiss. Best date ever in my book)

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