Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"What do those clouds look like?" "Candyfloss"

It’s not even noon and today has been one of the best days I’ve had up here. So it started out kinda blah, as we realised we had only a week to prepare our storytelling things. We’d all been so focused on Sleeping Beauty, we all but forgot about storytelling.

So after some bleckness and some costume-sorting, we were released to go to the library to find more Puss in Boots stories to adapt and make our show longer. Best laid plans…we never got there.

It’s Destress Day or something like that. There was a bouncy obstacle course, bouncy slides, bouncy bungee run, and a bouncy pedestal fight! I’d never been on any such thing before (terribly proper child), and were convinced they were death traps. But Al, dear Al, goaded me into each and every one and I loved it! Especially the obstacle course (even if I did bang the hell out f my knee and scrap up my elbow. Such fun! Also, the best part: free candyfloss! That’s right, free candyfloss (cotton candy for you Yanks)! I had three (cause there wasn’t much on any of them), so good and so happy. I loved it!

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