Monday, March 30, 2009

Come Ye Lords, Come Ye Ladies

So I have final dress rehearsal for Sleeping Beauty in a few hours. Tell the truth, I'm really hoping for a kick in the pants about this show tomorrow. Because it's just been...frustrating. Like there's no creative process for me. I'm doing my best, but it's like I'm already over it. I hate that feeling. This is my goddamned passion and I don't want to find myself being lackluster in my enthusiasm because it's not how I would have done the show. I'm not the director and I'll just shut up now.

Happier things. Just printed out some new pictures for my journal. Haven't updated in a while and I need illustrations. Charlie'll be here on Thursday and I'm aflutter!

Also, last night's Family Guy with the entire cast of ST: TNG was the best thing I've ever seen on that show. Laughed my ass off when Patrick Stewart's elegant voice said "I've got girl boobs!" and him smacking poor Wil, who was being defeated by the evil crane game at the bowling alley! Michael Dorn's "I have to go to the bathroom" FTW!

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