Saturday, March 14, 2009

I am Freakin' Velvety Smooth

So the Talent Show rocked! I got the audience to moo with me (minus some stony girls in the front row, but whatever) which is always fun! Alicia’s rap went great (and she got Al up to be one of the back-up dancers), I could finally make out the words to Devin’s song, and Erica’s signing was really good. Sarah won with her rendition of “Hallelujah”, accompanying herself on the guitar. That girl can sing like a mofo!

I felt for the first time, like I really belonged here right now. Like I’ve got friends and can have fun and be crazy and no one will judge me. At peace.

Then on to YTrinity CafĂ© concert thingy. Had to retreat to the tables in the back to protect my ears (is everyone my age deaf or something?), but still a fun time. Crazy band with awesome costumes. Select Start was great (thanks Craig for the random song on your myspace so I had a frame of reference) and it turns out one of the guys went to Blake! (someone even yelled out ‘813!’, which gave me a small pang)

Best of all, I met a cute (I know, I’m incorrigible. I’m gonna blame Harkness and leave it at that) boy who played guitar and sang. Cute, quiet, wore a loose tie (squee!), and gorgeous! Finally got to talk to him for a minute just before I left (Select Start’s songs still ringing in my damaged ears). I’m pretty sure he was flirting back, or at least nervous rushed speech, trying to be smooth and crack jokes). Boosted the old ego a bit and believe me, I’ve needed that.

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