Saturday, March 7, 2009

Maturity is for StupidHeads!

Wrote it this morning, but Internet has been wonky. Hence the posting now:

So I feel like a ten year old. Remember when you told your parents that when you were ‘all grown up’ you would eat whatever you wanted for breakfast? Today, ladies and gentlemen, I have lived that dream!

Started with some coffee and scrambled eggs (cooked in a microwave, which apparently you can do). Decided the eggs looked lonely, so put them on a tortilla with some cheese, ham, and olives. Folded up my homemade breakfast burrito and ate that.

Roomie comes in and reminds me she’s cooking up the rest of the turkey bacon. So I get the burnt pieces of that (four or five, I don’t remember). Then Roomie gets a craving for chocolate ice cream and I, who didn’t get Cherry Garcia when last at grocery store, decide to encourage her into having a road trip to the Walgreens for some ice cream. We eat some of that when we get home.

So in a little less than two hours, I ate all that. I need to go walk to Georgia now to burn it all off. Actually, first Loose Screws because I saw a magical sign (Book Sale!), then if Internet is still being wonky to library to drop off books and get computer help (“Why does it go all Blue Screen of DEATH so often?”). Then to Anastasia Books for the book for Mum and maybe Kosmic Pizza for lunch. And I’m wearing a DoS shirt to check if the many rainbows around the entrance have a deeper meaning. Then more walking to burn that off…

(Edit: Didn't go to book sale. Went to Thrift Store instead and found a Darkwing Duck figurine...also other things. Somehow made it worthwhile. Did get book for Mum, did drop off books, tech help wasn't there, and planning on Kosmic Pizza between church and last day of Box office/Strike)

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Alex Scala said...

Sounds like things are going well up there, which is good! <3

Love you, jei. And your breakfast sounds far more awesome than anything a ten year old could come up with. Ten year olds have weird ideas for you can't tell me what to do food. ...Although sometimes the boy's weird ideas pan out very well. This is the other reason I'm damn sure the boy's gonna be a chef.

...Wow, off topic much, self?

Anyway. LOVE. LOTS OF IT. All headed your way. Packed up tightly into a ball. Like a comet. A firey comet of my love coming to destroy you.

...That got away from me.

I'm just gonna... go. XD