Friday, March 20, 2009

Open Letter to Eric Kripke

Dear God,

First let me say thank you for creating Supernatural. It's an awesome show and makes my Thursday nights all the better for being there. Thank you also for casting Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as the leads as they are very talented men (also hot. very hot)

I humbly ask only one thing, sir:

*calms* See, if you too much more to the character of Dean Winchester, we'll have to enter the realm of fantasy to believe a man could handle so much. It wouldn't be possible. Especially since he returned from Hell, he's been through so much and any more and I'm sure he'd crack. You've got a fifth season now, spread out the destruction a bit or it'll be impossible to believe Dean could stand it, strong a character as he is.

Now I can see the appeal. Jensen Ackles is a phenomenal actor and he gives heart-wrenching performances, but for the love of Toledo, leave off Dean for a few episodes. The preview for next week seemed to have Dean and Sam being office peons and not knowing each other. A nice little (oh hopefully dream) break from all the torment. That's good. If we can just keep this little bit of lightness for the next couple episodes, I think we're all be okay and Dean won't have to commit suicide in order to be believable anymore.

Thank you (not that you'll ever read this, but in the rare chance you do),

P.S. Sam's gotten creepy. Ease up a bit on him too.

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