Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ten Inch Hero Review

Okay, so I finally got my copy of Ten Inch Hero (and the shirt 'cause I'm a dork) and I absolutely adored it! I knew I'd like it because it has Jensen, but I adored it!

It was hilarious and brilliant and not expected. I mean, yeah, everyone gets a happy ending, but the ways they get there feel new, not stale.

Priestly's monologue as he buys tampons while wearing a kilt (oh yeah, kilt kink returns!) makes you actually want to cheer (as I did). Jensen's brilliant in it! Now I have to quote the movie here: *heavy sigh* Did that work for anybody else?

And you know what, I loved all the actors (especially Clea Duvall, love her!). There's not a one main character that rubbed me the wrong way. Kinda nice really.

Overall, an A for its charm and wit and actors.

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