Friday, December 4, 2009

Two Weeks (and a Day) to 21!

I'm sure, were I a more interesting/social/typical college student I would be preparing to imbibe my first legal alcoholic drink. But, I am me and my first thought about celebrating 21 is that I want to take myself out to a nice lunch. My priorities, right?

Well, NaNo is over and done (and recovered from): 50,705. Not stunningly over, but respectable I believe. I am in no way done with Wilde at Heart though. I've still got the big battle, some previous plot points to wrap up, the wedding/reception for Gentry and Sally, and then the Parting of the Ways to go. But I can write them on my own time, which I will now have more of as...NO MORE CLASSES! I still have finals to go, but no more classes!

I'm going to enjoy today and tomorrow as I have no rehearsals either day and I've almost forgotten what a free Saturday feels like. Don't know what to do with myself: try to bus it to Arby's and Michaels? Head over to that craft fair I saw adverts for? Explore uptown when things are open? Stay in and catch up on my (mountains of) reading? Actually work on my Metaphysics paper?

Who knows?

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