Friday, November 20, 2009

Update and In Memorium

Wow, it's been two weeks since I last posted anything? Hmm, maybe life is duller than I thought amidst all the running around and school and tests (Latin Exam kills me) and rehearsals. Life's got its ups and downs right now.

1. NaNo is now officially over 32K! Wilde at Heart is going beautifully, only a couple set-up chapters left until we get into the meat, potatoes, and sensible salad of the plot.
2. I've also got a lot of positive feedback on my little J2 one-shots (and those meant to be one-shots); matter of fact, I've decided to expand one of them into a little series (maybe even connect it to the Songs of Domestic Life that I've been puttering with)
3. Next week is Thanksgiving, so I get pumpkin pie (Race and I are quite literally counting down the days. He has a calendar and a red marker, people).
4. Apparently, without my knowing about it (seriously, these two need to be better at the 'tell the Authoress your stories' part of living in my head) Dean Forester and Priestly (boyfriends, by the way...I of the 'Verse, I swear...) have become gaming buddies/buddy-buddies with Spot and Race. Once again, I know...I can't explain it either.

1. I've actually starting to worry about the big plot parts of Wilde at Heart. All I know is Cody gets hurt, Caleb's secret is revealed, They determine to kick ass. That's it. No real idea who or what the baddie actually is ( or are...depending).
2. It's ten days to the end of NaNo *shrieks and flails arms madly*

I was going to put this in downsides, but it's too important, they were too important to me to be just another item on a list. Ellen and Jo Harvelle, I will miss the both of you like crazy and I love you. You were the baddest bitches ever and I didn't know you nearly long enough. You look up Ianto Jones, first thing, and get yourselves some fantastic coffee. Then find Toshiko Sato and congratulate yourselves on being the three bravest women I've ever known. I will miss you, ladies, and so will we all.

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