Friday, November 6, 2009

Excellent, Excellent...*steeple fingers*

So...thus far, NaNo is not yet kicking my ass. Going with cautious optimism about this year, my lieblings. Cautious optimism indeed.

I'm loving my main novel, Wilde at Heart. Really loving it. Like I want to marry it and raise baby novellas with it. *grins*

Okay, so update time, I suppose.
1. Rehearsals are in full swing for Best Little Whorehouse and (if you don't count the walk there and back in the dark), I'm loving it! it's fun and the people are great! Finally *lets out sigh* finally I get to do some acting. If I went too long without doing something theatrical I think I would implode or something.
2. Off costume for Jimmy Dean, but have Fat Pig too look forward to in a couple weeks. Bleck, but a necessary bleck. I only need like seven or six hours anyway.
3. I am going to finish Pickwick Papers if it kills me! It's due back on Monday (I've already renewed it once) and I'm going to be done by then!
4. Thinking of going out in search of Carmel Apple Cider tomorrow after rehearsal. Mmmm, Carmel Apple Cider, I loooooove yoooooooooouuuu!
5. Stocked up on plenty of food and so can make many nummy things. *ish happy*
6. The holidays are coming around and that means PUMPKIN PIE! Race and I are currently counting down the freakin' minutes!


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