Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Since I Found Serenity...

So, I had a particularly long stretch between my Acting and Stage Combat class today. Instead of coming home or taking a nap (like Alicia and Erica did), I explored the Flagler theatre.

Oh, it was beautiful. I found the ghost corners (areas where so few people have ever walked that they are marginally colder than other places in the theatre) and discovered an old secretary desk in a room at the very top. The drawer was deep and empty (no secret compartments, I checked) and I have this overwhelming urge to leave a note for the next explorer after me.

I did, however, find a Serenity Spot. Other than my closet floor (and I'm blaming/thanking Private Practice for that idea), the stairs hidden from view leading to the very top of the theatre are my new Serenity Spot. What I mean by that term is somewhere I can go, be alone and just breathe. I may take a book or a notebook next time, but I find Serenity Spots best for thinking. No moving, no props, just thinking.

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