Tuesday, January 6, 2009

They're Not My Home, Not Anymore

Lease to be signed and notarized tomorrow! All my stuff moved in and put away! My roommate, S, does not return until tomorrow!

Truthfully this is my second night in the apartment, but I didn't have the internet last night. I did play a lot of Paper Mario though (too much excitement, I know!)

So, I've got a new town, new address, and a new chapter. I'd call it a new start, but that imples a finish with Tampa and, much as some people there can piss me off, Tampa was the closest to home I ever had. So until I find the place I want to settle (or settle into anyway because I get an awesome recurring role on say Supernatural or Torchwood (hope against hope)), this apartment in St. Augustine Florida is home.

Off to conquer the town. And by town, I mean Paper Mario. And by conquer I mean, figure out how to use the damn KOOPA!


Alex Scala said...

I'm hoping you're not finished with Tampa completely -- not as long as I'm here, anyway.

But I'm glad things are settling in. Best of luck, although you're brilliant and don't need it, and don't forget lil ol' me on your road to rich and famous, aye? ;)

Love you, jei. And if you happen to be bored enough to send me an email about your apartment and your roommate, I would love to hear about them. Or see, if you have pictures!

Beth said...

Of course not, dearling. I'll be back. With you and Curtain Call all still there, I have to come back.

Forget you? Who are you? Oh noes, I has amnesia!

I will when two things happen: 1. roommate returns (she's been gone since Monday, but I did get to meet her briefly and she seems nice enough) and 2. camera gets here in two weeks (I forgot it in one of the 'non-essential' boxes.