Tuesday, January 13, 2009

All You've Got to Do is Dream...

Just finished watching Dreamgirls (Oh my Collins, it was amazing!) with my roommate. We sat on beach chairs and ate burnt popcorn. Oh for my whole adult life to be as easy and fun as this.

One downside is that the song "Family" kept coming up and every time it did, I felt a pang for my Curtain Call family. Craig, Erin, Jennie, Mat, Sarah, Vickie, Dana. I know none of you read this blog (hell, since Mat didn't even know I'd moved, I'm assuming you don't read my facebook or myspace either), but I just want all of you, not just Craig, Erin, and Mat (who's numbers I have and could text) that I love and miss you.

You all will forever be a part of my family. Just like my girls (Mary, Alex, Aubrey, Evie) and my boys (my Harry, my drunken Irish fairy). Love and miss you all.

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