Thursday, January 1, 2009

It's a Brand New Day and the Sun is High

First post of the new year: 2009. Wow...where the hell is my gorram flying car? And the transporter? I was promised! *pouts*

So, packing is winding down and I'm trying to convince my mom to leave my room be until I come back in March (I promised Mr. Steve I would come back, so I shall) and can finish going through everything (read: my life)

What I am determined to accomplish this year (distinct from resolutions in that I actually plan to keep these):

1. Have a lover (because it's been too gorram long since I've gone on a date! or had sex!)
2. Finish my BA by the end of this year (because I've got a screentest with my name on it and if it kills me or worse, takes me to LA, I will work on shows I love, maybe even films I'm proud of)
3. Be in a show (whether at Flagler or in the area around, I will build up that resume and audition for everything I think I have time and energy for)
4. Get a job (because I'm going to have to learn to take care of myself and my own finances)
5. Up my self-defence skills (in the fervent hope I'll never have to use them)

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