Sunday, January 11, 2009

Settlin' Ain't the Same as Settlin' Down

So I've been in St. Augustine a week and a resident for six days. Had orientation today, so boring. Upside: Got halfway through my book in the boredom. Downside: Bored and now mentally exhausted without being physically in the same way, so sleep is out of the question.

Obviously I'll just have to read Jack/Ianto and Jared/Jensen fics for the rest of the night, then go kick some ass in Paper Mario. Oh dearie me, what hardship. *grins*

Also, unsure if should eat dinner now (as am starving) or wait to see if roommate plans to grab something to eat and tagging along.

Will fully describe new flat/roommate/classes/Flagler when have more energy in the brainpan.

Also, Mat called me yesterday to ask me about a monologue (still the go-to for theatre issues *glees*) and when we could hang out. Bit difficult, I said, as I now live in St. Augustine. He'd not known I was leaving. *shakes head fondly* Silly boy. Must look up the Mandarin for little brother, so I have something to call him.

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Alex Scala said...

Di di, or xiao di di.

Glad you're doing well, deary. <3 Running off to the first day of class, so I can't commentbabble (I heard that sigh of relief ^^) but LOVE YOU.