Monday, January 19, 2009

Half-estastic, Half-dejected

So I think I've finally settled myself into St. Augustine. I made myself a cup of coffee and ate Frosted Flakes on the same couch I used to watch the Britcoms on Saturday nights while my parents and grandparents played poker.

Yeah, we have actual furniture now. The fam brought it yesterday. Way more than we'll need, but at least now it's staying in the family instead of going to the RAS at Gran's complex.

I keep getting these moments...missing my friends, my CC family, *laughs* missing Chipotle's (cannot find one!) and food other than what I can make.

Loving right now:
1. That the TRAVELING BELT HAS BEEN FOUND! Hear that, girls! I am so sorry, but it must have been me who lost the belt. *ducks head humbly* But it's back!
2. I have met someone. *grins* His name is John, he's a Theatre minor and he's funny and loud and weird and has a Triforce tattooed on his wrist. And gorgeous eyes, can't forget the eyes!
3. Have found a brilliant little used bookstore to frequent!

Hating right now:
1. Knowing I should go shower and head to the bookstore, but too lazy to do so.
2. It's too bloody cold!

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