Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Stand on the Precipice

I started this in my head, as an email I would send to a friend, then maybe to maybe friends. But I decided to put it here instead. Don't know why, really.

I went to the bay today (that was an unfortunate rhyme) and I sat there, with a book I was fascinated by and just...breathed in the tang of the salt air. I've never been much for the ocean, I don't swim well and beach visits weren't habitual when I was growing up. But for some reason today...I just couldn't be anywhere other than sitting on the wall of the fort, facing the bay reading a book I enjoyed, watching minute crabs shuttle around in their sideways fashion.

I bought a chair. The first real piece of furniture that is truly and completely mine. I bought it and it was delivered today and is now set up in its rightful place, but for some reason today wasn't the day to try it out. That will be tomorrow. As I eat breakfast and sip my coffee, I'll settle with a book (probably the same one, I may not finish it today; otherwise some Douglas Adams) into that chair and feel like an adult for the first time.

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