Thursday, July 23, 2009

No One in Your Life is With You Constantly

Ianto Jones. I honestly don’t know what to do without you. I’m all at sea. Who’s going to tell me that I should have brought an umbrella when it’s pouring rain and I’m soaked. Who’s going to measure exactly how much milk and sugar I need to get my coffee perfect no matter how long I brewed it? Who’s going to put the shattered pieces of Jack’s heart and soul back together? Jack loves you. He may never have said the words but it’s so true. He’s going to remember you, in a trillion years time, believe me. Who’s going to be the silent strength when Gwen breaks? You and she clung to each other after the loss of Tosh and Owen. Who’s going to provide coffee to my now chemical-dependently people? Who’s going to make sure I have everything before leave the house?

Don’t leave me… us. It’s too soon, forever’s too soon. Stay with us, stay with me please please please. I can’t lose you, you’re my best friend, my conscience, my fucking favourite person breathing. Please Ianto, come back, please. I will miss you too much. This hurts too much.

I love you, Ianto. I always will. You tell Tosh and Owen that we miss them and love them for me, yeah?

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