Wednesday, July 15, 2009

We Provide...Leverage

I love Leverage! I finally finished watching the first season and am now enjoying the season premiere. Oh, I adore so much about this show: the characters (Parker! Eliot! Hardison!), the snark: ("What are the chances that Eliot's crotch will explode?"), the briliant schemes and scams.

It makes me want to be a thief...again.

And can I just say that Chris Kane is...he very much deserves his spot in the Brotherhood of Hot (with Jensen, Jared, Steve, and newcomer Aldis). I have NEVER been more turned on watching a man beat the crap out of someone and The Sixth Juror episode when his accent come out with a vengeance...phwoar! Yeah...*stares off dreamily*

Tomorrow for my Week in Geek, I get to talk about Tom and Harry Potter and then next week, discuss Torchwood. I love getting to tell people about my bao beis!

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