Wednesday, July 25, 2007

And My Junk is You

Last night, I had a dream *quashes the urge to perform Over The Moon* about Craig. I mean, I've known for years (and I stress the years) that I'm in love with him (hence running back after seeing Salute to Broadway before I joined...actually that's why I joined), but...I don't even know. *sighs and bangs head against desk* It's my last year at Curtain Call, his too come to that and...if I don't tell him... But if I do tell him...ARGH! *bangs head steadily against desk* It's a no-win situation. And I still really like Brett, who doesn't seem to like me back that way. Fuckage!
Someone tell me to stop listening to "My Junk" from Spring Awakening. It's needless tortue.
I know I promised, I wouldn't do this on my blog, but dammit! If I didn't, I'd never get back to my life. I just had to get it all out. I'm fine now...I'm sure.

Anyway, better things. I reread Harry Potter 7, even the Epilogue, better known as "Didn't I Read This in a Fanfiction Somewhere?" Harry and Draco were supposed to get together, gorramit! *pouts* Too. *gasp* Much. *gasp* Het. *dies* Other than that, I suppose it was pretty good.
OH! I love my History class. It's like living in a combination of Dead Poets Society and The History Boys. Plus, I realized I could name all of Henry VIII's wives and the way their marriage less than 20 seconds. Which is actually pretty nerdy, I suppose. Story of my life. =8->

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