Sunday, February 24, 2008

So I'll Be Back For Good Someday...

I'm still stuck on where to start my life come fall (or summer as the case may be).

New York City? I've got my best friend there and we could get an apartment together, start pounding 42nd street to be in a show.

London? Doing Shakespeare at the Globe, have the chance to play Maureen on the West End since Rent is closing on Broadway.

Cardiff? A city about the same size as Tampa, with Torchwood and Doctor Who filmed in the City Centre, where I could watch my heroes from afar, maybe even have a role.

Perry? Go do the small town thing in Georgia, not too far from home, but a completely different state.

Tampa? Stay at home, get a B.A., fight like hell to get equal rights in such a red state.

Nashville? Go back to my childhood dream of trying to be a country singer, in Music City.

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