Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Fantasies Come True

So, I had my first time out with the Curtain Call gang (sans Dana, poor pet) outside of Curtain Call. And loved it! It was so great to be around them, as always. I really am going to miss them so much!

And Avenue Q was Legend-wait for it-ary! It was so rutting hilarious, I thought I would die of laughter. Though I worried more about Erin, who can't breath and laugh hysterically at the same time. I sat next to Craig (may have subtly orchestrated that), but that meant I was on the end and sadly not part of most of the comments made. But I got to sit next to Craig! And I kept sneaking glances at him, especially during "A Fine, Fine Line". I don't think he noticed. At least I hope not. No matter what I won't tell him I'm in love with him. It would fuck things up forever.

Also! I got applauded! All I did was give a dollar to the understudy begging for cash during "The Money Song", but I was the only one in my section to do so. When Christmas Eve announced the people were cheapskates, I pointed at my friends and blamed them through my laughter.

Best lines:
-Sarah: I don't want to be worried it will come out the other end. (Don't ask)
-Sarah: I want to be "come".
Beth: Don't we all?
-Beth: You're too tall, you hit your head on the branches.
Craig: You hit your head on lamps.
-Erin: I am the Slut!
Beth: No, you're a slut. You haven't earned my title yet.
-Sarah: You know the people who were collecting money, they were the understudies. I just figured that out.
And Beth feeling the urge to hit everyone for not knowing who COLE PORTER was! Seriousl, I'm bringing De-lovely on Thursday!

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