Wednesday, January 20, 2010

After Show Musings

I'm sad that the run of Best Little Whorehouse is over now. My life is mine own again, but it's weird not having anywhere to be (other than classes obviously) and not knowing when I'll see friends again.

We started off at Scarlett's for karaoke. Less the performing, more the dancing and singing along as others sang (and sometimes butchered) good songs. We finally got Jimmy up to do "Wanted Dead or Alive", but some morons got into a bar fight out front and they closed the place down. After spending quite a while in the parking lot, I caught a ride with Ronnie and we all went to Denny's. There we had a really late dinner/really early breakfast. We talked and laughed and mocked because I don't think a one of us wanted our time as castmates to actually end. I remembered that, despite the red prom dress of evil and the quick changes of doom, I love this job because of the crazy wonderful people I get to work with.

Lady Gaga will never be the same to me again.

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