Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Super Party Indeed

Last night, I dressed as Catwoman (and yes, there are pictures floating around) and went to a Superheroes Party at Jess and Jimmy’s house.

Oh wow, was it fun! Such great costumes: from James’ homemade Ghostbuster’s outfit to Super Doatsy, Blake’s leather ensemble, Jimmy as Goldmember (oh, dem golden pants), Allyn's late arrival as Mermaid Man and Steph (A) and Andy as She-Ra and He-Man. John came as Captain Hammer, but was disappointing because he couldn’t sing the songs (and had only seen half of Dr Horrible’s Blog *shock*). Jess got me a belt and tail to wear to complete my outfit. My outfit itself was scrabbled together (leather pants, belt-shoulder shirt, cat ears, and a mask I made out of the bottom of my long black pants).

Highlights include:

1. Pin the Tail on the Catwoman (a picture, not me).

2. The Pervert Game-I came in second (which surprised me and then made me sad I didn't come in first)

3. The costumes that were all form-fitting and shiny/bright/drool-worthy. I am friends with some mighty gorgeous people.

4. Eating too much of the Buffalo Chicken Dip of Tastiness

5. Dancing and singing randomly with my friends.

6. The conversations, always the best part of any party. Such hits as Back In Vermont, God I Hope No One Moves On This Question, Insert Dirty Joke About the Penis/Vagina Straws Here, At This Broadway Show I Saw, Waiting For The Lady Gaga Video to Load and Someone Take A Picture of That!

7. The Never-ending Game of Twister (when someone got out, someone else filled in) which I maintained Jess won, though Jimmy was last standing (or balancing). Many pictures were taken and I'm glad I participated earlier (with Stephanie A and Andy) before the cameras came out)

And here I thought I wouldn't find too many friends in St. Augustine. Laugh's on me.

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